Fresh Ideas

I wish I wasn't such a Gemini; the one who flits from project to project, usually from boredom. Sometime I don't even finish what I started before moving on.

Mostly I'm talking about craft projects. In the past I've made pins with antique buttons, homemade notepads, checkbook covers, pressed flower bookmarks, beaded bookmarks, rock stacks and glass totems. We have a relatively new sewing machine sitting in the basement that my daughter got when she took a sewing class a few years ago. It's hardly had any use since then so I figured I'd fire it up and see what easy projects I could do. I signed up for sewing tutorials and I would probably not even try 99% of them but this looked like an easy and cute project.

My oldest Step-son and his wife and going to have another boy next month. I made something for their first son so wanted to do something for this one too. I found some Winnie the Pooh material and appliqued it to light fleece.

I then sewed them to white onesies, 8 in all in two different sizes. Babies go through a lot of onesies!
I tried this idea on one of them. I stitched a single line from the front around to the back to find the flying lightening bugs.
I had extra fleece and material so made a small cuddly blanket and sewed one cute little scene in each corner and fringed it.
It was fun although it took me longer to finish because of Mom being in the hospital. But I'll get it boxed up and shipped soon. We don't even know when her due date is; all they gave us was the month of April. How's that for communication in a family?
Maybe I'll try something again soon. I'll need something to occupy my time when the kid goes off to college. Now I just need to find a hobby for my Husband besides stealing my Kindle.


bill said…
At least you are a Gemini with some talent. Some of us Gemini have no talent and nothing to fall back on.
I don't believe in astrology. I'm a typical Leo. That is supposed to be a joke.
The latest fashion here is grown ups wearing onesies. They do look stupid. The adults wearing onesies I mean not the ones you just made, they look great!
Grumpy said…
Very creative. Get hubby his own tablet and he won't have to "borrow" yours.
kden said…
Bill-I do remember you're a Gemini, we're double trouble!
Hub-Adults wearing onesies? I hope that doesn't get popular here.
Grumpy-He can buy his own damn tablet, which I have told him mnay times.
Mr. Shife said…
Looks good keen, and babies most certainly do go through their onesies. I hope the step-son and wife like them because they are great. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and get your Kindle back.
Aries said…
Lovely creation. Hi, just blog hopping. Hope you have a great week ahead

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