Stress Level--HIGH

For months now my stress level has been on high alert. A lot of it is college related. Between financial aid forms, college tours, and the Sr. Culminating Project, I'm about ready to jump off a bridge. It's a miracle that Seniors in high school don't become orphans due to the stress load on their parents.

Even though we have hired someone to fill out the financial aid forms for us, there are still corrections that need to be made. They highly stressed that by hiring them, the forms will be filled out right with no chance of hold-ups due to wrong entries. Ours were filed promptly on Jan. 2 which was awesome but then we get an email that hubby's name does match the SS number on file. Are you shitting me? They had used a different initial; like if your full name is Robert but they call you Bob, they used the B. The email directions from their office said you you can go in and make changes but if the PIN # doesn't work, please call the office so we can walk through the corrections. I'm pretty good with a computer so I went in and changed the initial and a few other things. Then other things started changing on their own and I freaked out. I called the business and Chris (not the owner) said "I told you to call me, not do it yourself". Me, being the argumentative one said that's not what you said. He actually said "I'm not going to argue with you Kden." He said it's not that big of a deal to make mistakes/changes, but if we're paying 1400 bucks, mistakes shouldn't be made in the first place. But I must be alone in that thought.

We visited the Gonzaga campus. This is the only college that hasn't accepted her yet--only because her school counselor hasn't sent in the required paperwork. She said other students had deadlines before her. Really? It's a beautiful older campus but I don't think the kid was really into it. I know she didn't feel good but she just didn't have much to say about it. Next stop was EWU in Cheney. It's a huge campus at 300 acres, so there was a lot of walking. I enjoyed it and asked a lot of questions. The tour guides are students and they seemed to know everything that was thrown at them whereas at Gonzaga we got quite a few "I don't know" for answers. Personally EWU is where I would rather her go. It would be close enough to home but far away to gain some independence (which I want need her to have). She of course in non committal, still thinking she will never have to graduate and leave home.

She is set to do her sign language presentation very soon. She's going to sign a song at church and has been trying to do it all on her own by studing videos. People that have promised to help her have not followed through. ASL is a complicated language. You can find words for a certain sentence but there are also certain signs for a phrase; kind of like shorthand. So how is she supposed to figure this out without help? She is struggling and it stresses me out because I can't help her. We finally did contact an interpreter at a local hearing loss center who was tremendous help. She showed daughter the words she didn't know and at a recent practice at church, she aced it! After she does the church thing, she needs to write a reflection paper about the whole project and then FINALLY...give a 15 minute presentation (either with a tri-fold or Power Point) at school in April. If she passes that, then she can graduate. If not, then I guess we don't have to worry about college do we?

She is happy though that she dropped AP Chem. She tried, she really did. Good daily work but F's on every single stinking test. Her lab partner, a friend, gets straight A's and won't let my daughter do any of the lab work. She makes her be just the assistant. Daughter did not even tell her she was leaving the class, ha.

The Grad Night Committee is limping along. Money is slowly coming in but not fast enough to procure any bigger entertainment packages. So now we are looking at buying just a few things for entertainment and then having parents run some of their own. I just know I don't want to work it--in any shape or form. I like my sleep. I'll work the yard sale till the cows come home but not an all nighter. I'm also sending hubby out to either sell tickets or get donations for the wine tasting and silent auction. I'm not a salesman, but he's pretty good at it. I still don't like going to the meetings, in fact it's pretty unbearable. I go mostly to stay in the loop to what's going on and I will help when I can (or want to).

I really don't see the stress easing up, even after she graduates; it will just be a whole different level of it. Just knowing that she will be leaving in 6 months has me almost in tears most days. I told her I was going to make a list of the things I will miss about her. She said don't, because it will make her cry. I'll probably do it anyway.....


bill said…
My tears have dried over graduation but you never quit worrying about your kids, but the stress level does let up.
Grumpy said…
Damn, I was counting on Gonzaga and her getting me basketball tickets. Oh, well.

I barely passed high school chem and never understood it; still don't see how it has ever applied to real life, unless you plan on being a chemist or pharmacist.
Claire MC King said…
I feel your pain. She will succeed because your are supporting her efforts. This is definitely a milestone of her (your guys') life. She will probably surprise you and herself when independence really kicks in. Hang tight and don't forget to enjoy the ride of her last year at home!!
Ehs George has been visiting his first choice university in Liverpool today. His Mum sorts out all the financial side of things. I wouldn't know where to start.
Is that what this post is about kden? I didn't read it all, because it's near midnight and I'm exhausted. I shall come back later :-)
Mr. Shife said…
Good luck with everything. Sounds like you will be one happy lady when it is all done except for the daughter going off to college part. I would pick EWU as well but I am a little biased because we have had family go to school there. Take care and have a nice weekend, kden.

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