Somebody Thought Of Me

Recently I got a Facebook friend request from someone; a name I didn't recognize. I didn't delete it though, going back a few times to the profile to study it. It's like detective work.

I could tell it was a guy, a newcommer to FB with only 13 friends but none in common with me. The last name was a common Irish name and I did know someone with that name but the first name didn't fit. But I kept studying it and then looked at his Grandson's name, and he had the same name that I remembered and was from the same town. So I quickly accepted the request and then teasingly grilled him, asking who he was.

When I was a waitress, way before my daughter was even born, a group of guys that worked for the railroad came in a few times a week. They were always so much fun and one in particular was especially nice. He met hubby and we all got together once in Coeur d'Alene because that's where his mom lived. He and I would occasionally go out for a drink and dinner when he was in town; no big deal, just going out with a friend. Once he brought us a 50 lb bag of Walla Walla sweet onions on the train because that's where he's from. He and his friends gave me a very nice going away card when I left the restaurant.

We still kept in touch but things started to feel weird when I felt he was reading more into the friendship than I was; although he was married. I told hubby I was getting a bit uncomfortable. One day we were going to get together again and he said he would call at a certain time to make plans. The phone rang right on time and hubby answered. Click. I'm not sure if it was him or not but I never heard from him again. And I could have totally misread what I thought he was feeling too, but I just thought it was strange. After awhile I guess I just assumed he had died or something because so much time had passed.

So I was quite surprised that he found me or even rememberd how to spell my name. We chatted a bit and I can't believe how much older we are. I didn't realize he's 20 years older than I am, so is now 74. Since his Grandaughter is the one that set up his account I doubt he'll be on much. He watches his Grandkids, or as he said "referees" them.

But still, it just made me feel good that after so much time had passed, somebody thought of me.


Grumpy said…
That's why Facebook was invented.
fernvalley01 said…
You must have made an impression!! So cool
bill said…
I never had any positives on Facebook; I never had any negatives either. I just don't like much and don't like all those likes. I thought it all kind of silly.
Claire MC King said…
It does feel kind of good to reconnect with folks from the past. This form of social media does offer a way to stay in touch, if nothing else.
Glad you guys connected.

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