She Did It!

We all finally made it. We lived through the Culminating Project! This is Daughter's performance at church last week. Our Minister was sitting to the right across the aisle and I could tell she almost started laughing a few times because he was trying to keep her smiling. This is my first video attempt and it's a bit grainy but the only ones that need to see it is us and the teachers that will grade it.
Now all she has to do is write a paper and then present it in all in April in a PowerPoint presentation. And then we will never have to listen to this song again!!


Grumpy said…
Well done! Does she have any aspirations of working with deaf children?
kden said…
I don't think so Grumpy, although I wish she would. I think she would be very good at it, but she's so darn shy :-( There would be so many opportunities open to someone with that kind of degree.
bill said…
She handled that well and watching your daughter reminded me of a lady signing, I believe the President's speech somewhere, the point being the lady signing got a lot of attention because of her facial expression; she was downright funny at times.
Mr. Shife said…
Awesome. Well done and congratulations.
Claire MC King said…
I love it! I adore the way she is swaying and bopping a bit to the music which adds such charm. Good for her! Remind her if she keeps it up, and doesn't want to work with deaf kids, interpreters are always in demand. Good for her!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful! She did a fantastic job. I believe this is a skill that she could use in her future, if she was so inclined.

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