I Love My Pot

Not that kind of Pot! I have many fond past memories of that kind of pot but those days are far, far behind me.

Recently I bought an entire set of new pots and pans. When the non-stick innards start sticking you know it's time to get new ones. I pulled all of old ones out of the oven drawer and then cleaned all the new ones. I kept a few of the old ones but put lids that weren't needed in a give-away box because the set consisted of those too.

There is one pot that I refuse to give up though. I remember it as a kid and when I moved out to go to college, I took it with me. Can you all do the math? I figure this pot has got to be close to 40 years old. I have no idea what brand it is or what it's made of. It is the nastiest looking thing; all black and warped on the bottom from years of cooking. I've had to whack it with a hammer a few times to keep it from spinning on my stove top. It is my 'popcorn making' pot, the only one I've ever used. It's also a great 'soup making' pot.

The inside looks as bad as the outside and the lid is pretty grungy but still fits great. I did put it in the basement with a large fry pan that I don't need but I will NEVER get rid of my old ugly pot. I will continue to use it until it wears through on the bottom. Besides when the kid moves out some day she will need some pots of her own; wouldn't that be a great thing to pass down?

Speaking of the kid, I wanted to show you what a bad parent I am (maybe it's due from all the Pot). I bought my Mom some Chocovine for Christmas and wanted some for myself but didn't want to be greedy. So I bought it anyway and gave it to my daughter as a gift from Santa with a tag that said that she had to share it will  her family. She wasn't amused. I let her try some but thankfully she hates the taste of alcohol, even in chocolate form. More for me!!
Uh, Thanks?


That pot can be mended and last another 40 years. I have always been partial to a little pot myself, but don't tell anyone. That alcoholic choc drink looks revolting!
bill said…
We've got an old, large pot that belonged to my wife's mother. It's not used often. My wife makes jelly in it. It's a good sturdy piece of cookware, the likes of which you can't buy today. It's older than you are.
Grumpy said…
There's only one type of pot in which I have any expertise and this isn't it.
Claire MC King said…
It's hard to let some of those old faithfuls go. I know when I moved, there were those special pieces I just couldn't part with. Now they are in storage until I get my own home again...someday.
I also have that habit of saving some things..."just in case"...a hoarders' nightmare phrase.
Mr. Shife said…
I have some experience with both types of pot, but I can't really indulge in the one type of pot anymore as I don't think the kiddos would really enjoying eating Cheetos and watching Beetlejuice all day long. Hope your pot lasts a few more generations. Take care and enjoy your weekend.
fernvalley01 said…
Do not mess with the popcorn pot EVER!!!! that would be the one I would save too

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