Up and Down

Ever since I wrote about Nellie and her incident of not being able to use her back legs, she's had more episodes. Most of them were not as bad as the first one, but this one came close. We had just arrived home from church last Sunday and it's not unusual for her not to get up and greet us all the time. She whined so I came over and patted her on the head. An hour or so go by and I could see her scooting around to get from point A to B but she's not getting up. Then I asked her if she was alright (as if she's going to answer me) and her ears lie flat as if she's in trouble. She got up but only moved about 6 feet to the window and then flopped down and her back legs were visibly shaking.

Daughter gets her a pain pill which she is not interested in and hubby gets on the floor to work on her spine and she yelps when he lightly touches her and tries her best to get away from him. I told him just to leave her be until she is more receptive. She is clearly uncomfortable and tries to shift her weight to find that sweet spot that does not bring her pain. I am also in pain watching her.

I'm worried that a day will come that she will go down and NOT get back up. How much more of this Up and Down can we all endure? When she's Up, she's ready for anything, especially her walks. That's how she was that morning as I put on my coat to take her for a short one before church. She was fine when we left the house and I can't imagine what happened in two hours that made her go Down again.

She finally did take her pain meds but scooted across the floor to get under the dining room table by dinner time. I think she could smell my chicken soup which she loves. I fixed her some dinner with a spoonful of my soup added and brought it to her under the table. It took a few minutes for her to figure out how to eat in a lying position but she wolfed it down.

By bedtime we were arguing about if she should go out or not. I didn't want to but knew we should try. I stuck a towel under her belly and pulled her up and towards the front door which was closer. She didn't want to go so I had to push and pull to get her down the stairs. Ever try peeing with a towel wrapped around your belly? Neither has she, so I took it off. She did half of her business and wanted to go in the back yard to finish the other half. I walked with her and then we came in the back door. She flopped on the floor as we got in and that's where she stayed all night.

By morning she looked pretty feeble but she went out and made the rounds around the yard; she still  has to protect her property you know. By evening she was doing pretty well, she was UP, and a few days later she was ready for another walk.

For now, she's back to normal, and I'm glad because our hearts are highly matched by whether she's Up or Down.


Poor old Nellie. I know how she feels though. Sometimes I don't want to get up. I hope she improves soon.
Grumpy said…
Nothing worse than watching a beloved pet suffer and they can't tell us where it hurts.

Hoping Nellie has many more UP days.
bill said…
Hoping your gal gets better.
Anonymous said…
I hope all of you have many more up days!
Claire MC King said…
I am so sorry to hear of her ups and downs. I hope she stays up too. Pets and children, we feel their pain, don't we?

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