She's Back

My friend Mary Lou is back at Zumba! She's got 9 more days of radiation and then she'll be finished. She's still pretty weak but wanted to get back to exercising. I was watching and about 20 minutes in, her face started getting red and I thought she wasn't going to make it, but she hung in there and finished. Everyone was surprised but very glad to see her, especially me.

We keep each other going and call and nag each other to go. Especially when the weather is miserable and that's about the last thing we want to do, but I'll go if she goes and visa versa.

It just hasn't been the same in the 4 months she's been gone. It's not a real long time but it's sure felt like it. There's nobody to talk to, everyone is in their own little clique. Aren't we a little old for that? And a few Saturdays ago I had a complete meltdown and left about 10 minutes after class started just because some people are idiots and the attendant didn't know what was going on and couldn't understand why I could possibly be upset. The manager called me a few days later and knew exactly what I was talking about and set the other girl straight.

So now with Mary Lou back I have someone to Kick Some Butts with!


Grumpy said…
So Zumba is the adult version of Junior High?
happy to hear learn your friend is gaining strength and that you will soon have a butt kickin' partner. Hugs
Claire King said…
I know what you mean about cliques and attitudes. I am glad your friend is doing better and able to join you. Please share the title of the post you referred to about a previous incident which caused you to leave early. Apparently, I've missed that one.
So back to your own little clique eh? :-)
kden said…
Oh John, you are a funny one ;-)

Claire, I didn't post about it. It's just something that annoys me when people are supposed to move around in the circle even if they are not using the machines. But they don't and just stay in one spot and get in my way. I have to go around them to either Zumba or go to a machine which cuts into my time and generally pisses me off. So I had to have a little fit! But now that my friend is back she doesn't hesitate to tell them to MOVE (and she's the mild mannered one).
Claire King said…
Oh, now I get it. I am glad your friend is there. I wish you continued success on your way to goal accomplishment! Whew hew! Girls rock!
fernvalley01 said…
Glad your friend is back and doing well. Great to have a buddy. and whatever upset you glad the manager had her eye on things
Mr. Shife said…
I am glad your friend is back, and you have your Zumba partner back to kick some butt. Take care kden, and please tell Mary Lou will be sending her some positive thoughts from Boise to keep her recovery going strong.

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