New Toys

The day after Christmas my daughter and I ran out to get our new toys. I bought her a new laptop with her SS money. And you better believe that I will be filling out the forms right next year! We had done some shopping around and saw this particular one in an Office Depot ad. It was 150 off and another 50 was offered through a rebate. Windows 8 is interesting; it's taking us awhile to figure it out, but it's kind of cool. She doesn't want to use the finger swipe method and likes the finger pad better. She also needed a new case for it. She saw a real nice one at Walmart which was very padded and has an extra pocket to carry a tablet. She had the money for the 40 dollar price tag but I thought we should look around. I suggested a thrift store, I always see lots of bags when I go. She agreed and a few days later we went to the closest one. We headed straight for the bags and I found one identical to mine for 5 bucks and then she found one very much like the 40 dollar one. Lots of pockets, even room for a TABLET! It was 5 bucks but was also 60% off. So what a no brainer to spend a few dollars rather than 40. I asked her as we were walking to the car if she was skeptical that we would find one, and she said she was. She should never doubt her mother ;-)

And speaking of TABLETS, I matched what my Mom gave me for Christmas and got a Kindle Fire HD 7, the same day at Office Depot. No one was offering a sale so may as well get it there instead of driving all the way to Best Buy or something. We left the house, bought our goods and were home in 30 minutes; that's my kind of shopping.

Omigosh, I am having so much fun! I don't have Wifi at home but I download what I want as far as games and books into the Cloud and then grab a hotspot when I'm out and about to get them on my device. Music and pictures I can transfer directly from my computer to the device. And I actually started reading a book, everyone is astonished!!! Daughter has the Kindle app on her computer so when I plugged my account in, the same book downloaded and if she wants to read it, she can.

So far, my favorite time waster is Kaleidoscope, an app that makes beautiful patterns with the swipe of a finger. I should see if Apple has anything comparable for IPads. My Mom could be doing so much more with hers but is afraid to download anything. I finally have her hooked up to our ITunes account so I will have to look around more. Daughter and I played Mancala last night, it was great. We have the physical game and it's a lot of fun and this is just as good. I'm mostly looking for the free stuff right now and there seems to be plenty to keep me busy.

I love technology and toys and I swear if I had more money I would have one of everything!

We are thinking of getting Wifi in da house though. If we dump the business phone and switch it to hubby's cell and I can get rid of my broadband stick we actually might be ahead, even with Wifi. It's just so darn confusing though. I wish I could have someone come over and just tell me what I need and how I can get it, it would be a lot easier. I do not want to bundle with my phone or cable company so that just leaves local dsl companies which is what we're looking at now.

Our own isp which was once upon a time local has changed hands so many times I'm not even sure where they are. They don't even offer residential dsl so we have to move on. We've had then for so long and have so much changing around to do for the business phone number and email. I have spent days in getting the websites updated with new info regarding those and cleaning out a lot too, so I guess that's good. The business emails have been switched to GoDaddy and then when we make a final switch I will change out the personal email addresse. It's so much work I guess that's why I've put it off for so long. It will be nice to have a faster computer downstairs for hubby; that's the one he uses now since I got my laptop. Then getting the entire house on Wifi would be awesome!! I wouldn't have to depend on coffee shops, McDonalds, and grocery stores to get online with my Kindle. So wish us luck!


Peruby said…
You are probably able to get a hot spot on a cell phone through your carrier. I would look into that.
kden said…
Sorry Peruby, but that lil bit of info already confused me. I don't have a smart phone so maybe that's why I don't get it.
bill said…
You sound like a kid with new toys, or like me. Isn't technology great?
Grumpy said…
Once you get WiFi you'll be thrilled with it. Just make sure when you do that you secure your network so the neighbors can't freeload off your system or get into your private info.

Your provider should be able to set up the secure network for you.
fernvalley01 said…
What fun! I have been thinking of getting a Kindle, but then though maybe wait and get an Ipad so I have more options
Mr. Shife said…
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! Glad you guys like all of your new gadgets, and I think if you guys have a family cell phone plan then you should be able to do get a wifi hot spot through them. Have a great weekend. Hope you guys are not getting as much snow as we are in Boise. It is crazy down here. Take care.

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