Finally Wireless

As I wrote in an earlier post, I had hoped we could get some dsl in our house and then wifi for all of our new toys. It was a long process for us because our then current isp didn't offer dsl to residential accounts, only business. That meant that the email addresses we've had for over 10 years for personal and business had to be changed.

I slowly started switching over business emails with PayPal, Clickbank, GoDaddy, etc. We had a lot of email addresses available at GoDaddy so I just opened up a few more accounts to accommodate the business dealings. I also had to make changes in two websites to direct them to different phone numbers and email addresses. Unfortunately one of the book websites will have to go because it was built by someone else and I have not been able to reach him for several years and he has the original files so I can't make any changes. He started hosting it, then the account almost was lost because he stopped making payments. Frankly I think the man is dead. So if I can't make any changes to it why should I spend $9 a month to host it? We probably only sold 2 books from that site last year.

The reason we've put it off so long is because I knew it would be a lot of work. The business line in the basement was costing us about $55 a month and mostly rings with calls we're not interested in anyway. So that line was terminated last week and calls will be directed to hubby's cell.

We then bought a combo dsl/wifi modem and hooked it up to the home phone jack, leaving the business jack as is, just in case we want to use it again some day. Now the ethernet cord was too short to reach the computer so we had to buy a longer cord plus a longer surge protector to jam everything into its holes. An older home has very few electrical outlets. We even had to move the computer a little too which made the whole family room look lopsided. Well you know what that means; you have to re-arrange the entire room. I did it while hubby was asleep so he wouldn't have a cow.

We're doing business with a local company for our isp and CenturyLink is providing the dsl part. A Facebook friend argued that reasoning and said I should just go with CL alone for $19.95 a month for 5 years. Yes my friend, but you also have to bundle with them and I despise bundling. I don't know why, I just do. In the end I really don't think you save any money, especially when the term is up.

So now we are up and running and I'm getting full use out of the wifi with everything on at once! I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Daughter is excited that she can use her iPod touch to get online. Hubby is actually happy in the basement with a quick connection so he can visit any website he wants to. Get your mind out of the gutter, he wouldn't go there!


bill said…
You're going to be a happy camper.
Grumpy said…
We're men. We all go there.
Mr. Shife said…
Awesome. Glad all is well in your household. And yes like Grumpy said, we are men and that is where we go. Take care.
Claire King said…
I seem to be the only regular here that's outdated...hmmm Glad all is well, though.

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