Big And Little Brothers

Another Holiday season has come and gone. As we headed home from my Mom's late on Christmas Eve I felt sad, as I do every year. I wanted to stay later but we'd already abandoned Nellie for 5 hours, that was her limit before she starts destroying things. (Her idea of destroying is to find Kleenex or napkins that we've left lying around and shredding them on the floor)

Some past Christmas Eve's have been tense, usually between Hubby and one Sister-in-law. Oh don't act so surprised; hubby actually grating somebody's nerves? It happens a lot. But the past few years have been rather pleasant and this year was downright fun. We do nothing fancy, just a simple dinner and then open gifts. Daughter has more patience now and gets in on conversations. It seemed to be 'pick on daughter' day with the multitude of questions about college and the fact that she does not have her drivers license yet. But she loved it. I haven't heard her laugh that hard in a long time.

And my younger brother gave me accolades on the fact that I am still losing weight. I could have told him that I actually have gained 5 pounds but why burst his bubble. My older brother's wife and I actually had full out giggle fits from his old man ramblings about no sodium chicken bullion powder. He gave us each one for a gift because he bought it for is aging dog to help her eat special dog food.  He had to buy a whole case online but she doesn't like it, and now had to give it away. I kept whispering to her, "when did he get so old". Then we'd laugh again and everybody was looking at us. Damn we had a good time.

My Mom likes to have her kids around, as it's so rare. My Nephew and his wife have also joined us the last four years so that just adds to the fun. I heard rumblings of one Sister-in-law saying to the other that they should get together over the summer. But she's always saying that and it never happens. We all know the type, the one that always says 'lets get together' but they never call.

And so another year will go by before we see each other again. There are extremes of sibling togetherness, from those that practically live at each others houses and some that don't speak at all. I would like something in the middle. You would think that if they had such a good time, one of them would think of trying to make an effort to get together more.

I guess I'm the only one that feels this way; they have no idea how much I miss them. I've always been the sensitive one, older brother is the practical one and the younger just the goofball. There's no sense in me initiating any kind of get together because everyone is 'too busy'. Older brother lives 30 minutes away and the other one is clear across the mountains and the only time he ventures over here is during the holidays.

So it will be another year before we all get together and try to cram the "What's new with you?" question and answer into a 5 hour span. See you next year brothers :-(


So just another typical family kden. I always think friends are best.
Happy New Year!
fernvalley01 said…
sometime I think it might be better to see my fam once a year(LOL) we are the type that get together for absolutely everything ,but it can be trying at times . Glad you had fun
Grumpy said…
That's why God invented email and Facebook.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad you had a nice time for the holidays, kden. Hopefully you guys can get together more because you just never know when you might not get that chance again. Sorry to sound so depressing but I am dealing with a lot of regret right now because I did not get to say goodbye to a friend who just passed away. Take care.
Claire King said…
It is funny how the holidays cheer us up then put us on melancholy row in the next step. I am glad you enjoyed the time well spent. Not sure where that brother over here lives, but you can always stay with me if you journey over for a visit. Happy New Year

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