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The Lemonade Kids Have Moved On

I call them the Lemonade Kids. And I've written about them before. But hopefully I won't have to write about them ever again.

I call them the Lemonade Kids because although they live across the street and a few houses down, they set up camp on the corner with their lemonade stand on Memorial Day weekend and didn't close shop until after school started in the fall. There are three of them, two boys and a girl. The oldest boy is 12ish and the two younger ones are 10ish. The two younger ones are pretty nice, they wave when they see us. But the older boy? He's one of those kids that when you look at him, you just see trouble. He's got that attitude and I immediately don't like him. He's a bully and would constantly pick on another boy in the neighborhood which resulted in a broken arm. Police were called and the Dad went to confront the mom of the boy and almost broke down the door--of the wrong house. The kid will also stand in the street on his way home from …

What The Hell?

Just a sentence or two. What in the Hell is Blogger doing now? All blogs look like shit and what is this Feedburner Crap. You have to click on the title of the blog to get to what they should really look like. I wish they would stop screwing around with things. Grrrrrrr.

***2 minutes later, things are back to normal. But it happened I tell ya, it happened.

Carry on.

Grandparent Scam

I saw this press release recently and am still astounded by the amount of people that fall for this scam and others like it. I copied it word for word so you could read along with me.

"OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE FROM THE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPT: On Wednesday Deputy Westlake contacted a County resident on reference to a telephone scam. The victim told Deputy Westlake that at 10:00 a.m. March 13th, he received a phone call from an individual claiming to be his grandson.

This individual told the victim he had been arrested and needed $2,400.00 to get out of jail. The caller told the victim if he wired the money to an account in Lima, Peru they would avoid the two day handling time. The victim wired the money via Western Union to Peru. A couple hours later the victim received another call stating the judge increased the bail and requested an additional $6,250.00. The victim completed this transaction as well. Shortly after the victim received a third call requesting an additional $6…

What Was He Thinking?

I've known my husband for 30 years now and he's always had a mustache and beard with full sideburns. Even while married to his first wife, I've seen pictures of the same facial hair. Although greyer now, it suits him. He's got this tiny chin and now a little double-chin woggle as he's aged. Some people need facial hair.

Occasionally he would tease daughter and I about shaving off his beard, and always heard a resounding NO from us. About 6 months ago, he did shave off the sideburns making his beard more of a Van Dyke style. It looks OK, daughter didn't even notice.

But last weekend he announced to me that he was taking his beard off. I didn't say anything like I have in the past. Maybe I didn't really think he would do it. But 5 minutes later he comes out of the bathroom. I hated it, daughter screamed and he got mad at us.

After he yelled at us for hating it, he admitted he hated it too. Really? You went through all that just to confirm that you would…

Don't Go Breakin' My heART

Last Thursday it was dark, about 7:30 pm or so. Hubby was in the bathroom getting ready for work. Daughter and I were watching TV. I heard glass break and so did hubby. Immediately I knew it was my glass totems. I peered out the window like I had night vision and could see in the dark. I should have gone out then although I know it wouldn't have helped. The next morning I peered out again and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Friday was such a beautiful day that we all decided to go for a walk when I got home from work. Out the front door we go and I look over and see glass in the flower bed. I walk around and see one of my totems broken, which I could not see from the window. Only one piece but it's like a piece of a puzzle. In order to repair the piece I have to take it apart, which I suppose would not be easy because it's held together with A LOT of weatherproof caulk. It could possibly cause breakage of more pieces.

So just for kicks and giggles, someone s…

Whose Kid Is This?

Usually it's the little kids that keep you laughing all day at their antics. Well my daughter, at age 16 still cracks me up with her oddities.

She is very finicky about what she eats. She doesn't like most meat which makes it a challenge to get protein in her. Cheese is good, cottage cheese is not. No canned soup because the meat is fake (her thinking). Absolutely no cooked vegetables, but raw is OK, some of them anyway. Any hamburger cooked in a recipe must be very small, no big chunks. Mashed potatoes? Never in a million years. Tuna (or any fish)? She's NEVER tried it, nor does she want to. There are hundreds of foods she has never tried but knows she doesn't like them. I  just don't understand that kind of thinking. She just informed me this week that milk does not go with sandwiches. Huh?

I still portion her food out like a toddler, because she doesn't eat much. At five feet tall she barely weighs 105. Foods must not touch on her plate and she usually does…