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Do Not Track Tip

A few of us have downloaded Do Not Track, thanks to Grumpy and Bill's recent posts about Google's new policy changes that allows them to follow us all over the web.

I now have it on both computers using Firefox and IE. Thousands of different companies have been blocked from spying on my browsing habits. One thing I did notice is that my followers on my blog disappeared as well as all of yours. At first I thought it was a Blogger problem, but didn't find anything in their recent issues.

So I opened the  little DNT + icon box from my blogs website and found that Google Friend Connect was being blocked. I unclicked it and then refreshed, and there they were. All my friends were back. If I want to see who follows you, I would have to do the same on each and every blog I go to. Or if I want to follow another blog, I first have to see other followers in order to follow. The nice thing is though, that you can always change it back to being blocked, nothing is permanant.

Maybe n…

The Boyfriend Chronicles

Alright, I think it's time to tell you all what's going on with the kid's boyfriend. It's been 9
months, and they're still in love although they haven't seen each other in 3 years.

They were texting heavily for the past year until his mom put a stop to it. One night he sent her a picture of him without a shirt. To me, it was really no big deal, my daughter showed it to me. But his mom went balistic. She then texted my daughter and said that he was grounded for a month (after just getting off being grounded for a week). That grounding was because of the kinds of things he was saying; such as 'I Love You'. She told my daughter that they are too young to be in a relationship and they should be concentrating on God and although my daughter may not like her decision, she had to respect it and ended it by saying "Have a Blessed evening". Huh?

He's not allowed to date until he's 18, that's a little over a year away. I don't even con…

Husbands Own Language

Bill wrote a post recently and mentioned the term "here's the skinny" and how it came about. My husband has his own language when he describes things. Some are real, some made up. Laugh along with me as I give you his phrases and the definition.


Push ana Pull--the act of vacuuming.

The left hand don't know what the right hand's doing--to describe his bosses, or anybody in authority.

Set a spell--go to the bathroom.

Wanna take a rassle?--When his kids were little this is how he would ask if they wanted to wrestle.

I don't know what in the Hell's going on--When he has an ache or pain of any kind even if it's been going on for years, he will have the same comment when he feels it.

Plum or Plumb, not really sure--He uses this word for only two phrases; to say "I'm plum full or I plum forgot."

I'm fixin' to...-- Anytime he is going to DO something, he says "I'm fixin' to go to the store."

Give a …

Do You Prefer Lights On Or Off?

Ah come on, get your mind outta the gutter. But I'm glad I got your attention.

All my life I've been a stickler about leaving porch lights on at night to keep the bad guys away, but now I'm not so sure. We have one large yard light, which comes on when it gets dark. Our entire neighborhood has the same type. At our gate we have a motion sensored light, just like all of the homes on our block. Then there is the back porch light and a light in the patio.

We have lived in our home for 14 years and we have had so many things stolen from our yard it's ridiculous; a shepherd hook hanger for a bird feeder, multiple pieces of yard art, some bought, some made by me, and hubby's gas can. Last summer someone broke our sensor light and left the back gate open.

The latest casualty recently was our snow blower, which was under the patio. We saw our gate open one morning so I took a quick look around the yard the next day and all of my yard art was still there. That's all I…