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This college stuff is all too consuming. I have been eating, sleeping, and pooping it for weeks. We're coming along though, she's applied to 4 colleges in all, and 3 of them are very close. Then there's the submitting of  transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, and letters of recomendations. We met with our financial guy in person, he's pretty nice I guess, but still a little out of touch with us peons. Now we're gathering more info so they can prepare our financial aid application for us. A fun way to spend the weekend.

Hubby bought a new car, a  '99 Pontiac Gran Prix, about a month ago. I think it's been in the shop for 3 out of the 4 weeks. It had a lot of work done on it before he bought it but he's had to have a leak fixed which was causing the inside windows to steam up bad, more than just your usual condensation. He's also having a hard time figuring out what's causing the check engine light to come on after filling the gas tank. It has something to do with emissions and we thought it was fixed but after I filled the tank, I could smell gas pretty bad and the light came back on. The man who sold it to him is a mechanic himself and has been pretty helpful trying to make things right. And then the work van broke down so each of the two drivers have to use their own vehicle to deliver, which means MY car. Mama's not pleased.

We found out that Hubby's oldest son and his wife are having another baby, a boy, due in April. We don't know if they'll be here for Christmas or not. I had emailed her soon after Thanksgiving to ask her if we should get the Grandson a toy or clothes for Christmas and that I would be sending it down early in December. She forwards it to her husband and I didn't get a reply until after I went ahead and bought some clothes and mailed them. He said a family activity would be good. Well, yes it would have been, if I didn't have to wait 10 days for a reply.

December seems to be a busy month with meetings and concerts and plays. And then there's lots of eating with dinners, lunches, and breakfasts with friends. I've had to be on very friendly terms with my treadmill to keep the pants fitting over my butt.

We had dinner with Hubby's ex at her Assisted Living Home. I'll tell ya, I could get used to living like that. Seriously. Having someone cook for you twice a day and all you have to do is walk or even hobble down to the dining area. The place was decorated very beautiful for Christmas and the wait staff is always nice and accomodating. I wouldn't even mind working there in the dining area. They even serve wine on Thursdays. Not skimpy little glasses either, they were tall and full! If we didn't have so far to drive I would have gotten one. Pat looked well and was very witty too. We were walking back to her room and talking about all the decorations on each door. She said "I love how some people 'gawdy up' their door." One was pretty bad, it was good for a laugh.

I have a goal to get myself a Kindle Fire HD 7 very soon. My Mom always gives me a little money as a 'Hazel Bonus' for Christmas and I've also been saving my pennies. My daughter claims I don't read books and I told her maybe I would if I had one. Plus it has a feature that if you're lazy busy, it will read to you. I might like that part; maybe it can read me to sleep.

Grad Night is coming along, finally. After the same 8-12 people showing up for meetings since summer, a letter went out to other parents for help. People claim they don't get the emails so we kept the Postal Service busy. We had a pretty good turnout and lots of good energy so it looks like it's going forward. We were seriously thinking of cancelling the event if more parents had not shown up. I'm still a tad uncomfortable but it's getting better.

I'm real proud of my daughter for many reasons; but her school had a food drive recently. The entire schools' 4th grade period had a contest to see which class could bring in the most food. Her 4th period is Yearbook and might have about 20 students. She was the only one that brought food in. Sure, I bought it but she told me about the drive and she took three bags in all. And that's all there was in the barrel. All in all the school had a good drive but seriously, one student out of 20 bringing food in? Some of this same food goes back to families of the school but the bulk of it went to the food bank. So a family that has struggles of their own is the biggest donator to the class. Seems strange to me......

Probably more tidbits next week.


Grumpy said…
Trust me, you don't want to live in assisted living, regardless of how much wine they give you.

Care to share the colleges your to which your daughter is applying?
kden said…
Maybe I could stick Tony in a place and I can travel then. Colleges applied to: One of the community colleges, EWU, Gonzaga, and University of Idaho.
bill said…
We had a friend who was going to live in Assisted
Living. She had the opportunity to pay one month and try it. She was there a few days and couldn't wait to get out. She forfeited her monthly tryout rent to move into an apartment.

Sometime it's hard to coordinate activities during the holiday season. You do what you can.

We just have a kindle. Ann loves it. 'That's \the only way she reads now because it's so easy to enlarge the print.

Tidbits are good.
Mr. Shife said…
Enjoyed the tidbits. If you need any inside info about the University of Idaho, let me know. Mrs. Shife and I both graduated from there and think it is pretty swell. And the Kindle is awesome. Hope you get enough pennies saved. Take care and have a good weekend.
Claire King said…
Whew hew, Gonzaga! Nice and closes for you, too. Keep up the good work mom!

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