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Hubby's car is fixed, for now. It was a seal on the fuel pump. The pump was new but the seal must have been bad. So he is now driving his own car for work. He gets his own company gas card to keep his tank full and may even be paid for mileage, which they never have done before. One of the next things on the list is to take off the horrid tinting on the windows that is bubbling. It's so hard to see out of the windows and I don't feel real safe driving it that way.

We went to the annual instrumental Holiday concert at the school last week. My friend MaryLou went with us. She's done with her 4 chemo treatments and won't start radiation until after the first of the year so she felt up to going. It was a great concert and they also sold raffle tickets for different themed baskets. We each spent 10 bucks on tickets and not one was a winner. Then a few days later we went to a play at her Church. It was just daughter and I that attended both events. Hubby has had to leave for work early and then on the weekends he doesn't want to do much.

Since Christmas is on a weekday, we're having dinner at my stepson's on the Saturday before. It should work out pretty good actually. Those two days are always so hectic that we're exhausted by Christmas night. So we'll stay home and watch our favorite Christmas movie, Polar Express.

It looks like the usual family members will be at my Mom's on Christmas Eve. First my Mom said she wasn't going to put her tree up. Then my older brother said he and his wife weren't coming because they both have to work that day and she has to work on Christmas day. But younger Brother talked them into it. They don't have to work much past noon and it's not like we stay up late and party. We usually wrap it up by 10:00pm. And younger Brother will be driving all the way from Seattle over the mountain pass, so if anybody wanted to duck out it should be him.  But Mom snapped out of it and put her tree up, it's just a little tabletop. All she has to do is take it out of a bag and set it on a table. It's already mostly decorated.
Daughter and I watched some of the 121212 Concert to help with the relief fund for Hurricane Sandy. It was so enjoyable, loved hearing the old Pink Floyd songs.

Hubby texted me at work the other day saying we might have to call someone about our hot water heater; he ran out of hot water during his bath. I had to remind him that I did a load of wash and that baths use more water than showers. I asked him to feel the tank to see if there was a temperature change from the top to the bottom. It felt the same he said; crap. He said he would wait until I got home before he called someone. Soon after he texted again and said it was working fine. It wasn't until later that night, he confessed that when he was drawing the water to let it fill while he was busy doing other things, he didn't even have the drain plugged. All that wonderful hot water was going down the drain and by the time he got it filled for himself, it ran out. See what I have to deal with people?

A few weeks ago I got a call from Social Security in regards to the papers I have to fill out on how I allocate my daughter's monthly check. Of course I wasn't home and he couldn't legally talk to hubby or even give him a number for me to call back. He said they got my forms but had a few questions. I despise dealing with any Governmental office and my gut has been churning ever since. I don't use their forms for keeping track of expenses; I use my own, it's more detailed and easier for me. But I still report what they need on their paper. So I've had my papers out and ready with any explanation for any question he throws at me; but he hasn't called back! WTF? You just can't call someone and freak them out and then don't call back!! Am I to expect something in the mail? A random audit? Geezus man just call me so I can get on with my life.

My head can't wrap itself around the shooting of babies at the Connecticut grade school last week. Daughter was texting me the details because I was at work and she was reading a website at school on the latest. I just wanted to reach out and hold her tight. Thanks to Chanin for posting the address to the school on Facebook. My family and I each wrote a little and although it seems inadequate, I wanted them to know that we will never forget about them.


kden said…
Did the world end a few days early? I feel lonely :-(
Oh so sorry kden. Do you know I was sure I left a comment. Maybe I forgot?
Lots of love and a Happy Christmas!
John x
bill said…
Today's the day we blast off for wherever we go when it ends. I'm counting on their calculations being wrong or they run out of fingers to count on or something . It's hard to keep up with everything we need to do. It's hard to keep everything on an even keel, working and running like it's supposed to or you want it to.And I keep telling myself, snap out of it, don't spoil the holidays for everyone else. Hang in there Kden. Everything will come together.
Mr. Shife said…
Merry Christmas, kden. Hope you and yours have a wonderful time. Glad to hear the car is fixed and the the water heater is not going out. Take care.
Claire King said…
I relate to your frustrations with paperwork, especially government ones. Your hubby does sound like a bit of a goofball, he's lucky to have you.
Merry Christmas
kden said…
I got them all Claire; thanks for loving me that much ;-) Merry Christmas to you too!

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