Leave Elmo Alone!

I read recently that Kevin Clash, the voice and true personality of Sesame Street's Elmo has resigned. He had been accused of having sex with a then underage youth. Clash denies the claim but said that the relationship was consensual, as adults. The accuser was interviewed by Sesame Workshop who found the charges to be 'unsubstantiated'. The accuser recanted the next day and accepted 125K in a settlement, but now says he was forced to do so and wants to undo it.

Me thinks he found it easy to get that much and now wants more.

Now another man has filed a 5 million lawsuit for basically the same charge but this is his reasoning to do so now-- "did not become aware that he had suffered adverse psychological and emotional effects from Kevin Clash's sexual acts and conduct until 2012." Really? He didn't realize until now after seeing that someone else made money off of Clash, that he suffered psychological and emotional effects.

I call Bullshit--big time. Nothing like jumping on the accusation band wagon.

He has decided to resign to not be a distraction to Sesame Workshop and their mission to educate children. Some find Elmo annoying, I can only take so much myself. But he's been in our household for about 17 years and I can't turn my back on him quite so easily. Maybe he did it and maybe he didn't. I hope not. But until either one of these fools, or anyone else can PROVE it, I'm going to stand by my furry red guy.

OK, so another man has come forth with another lawsuit asking for an unspecified amount of money for pretty much the same thing. Still not buying it.


I find this a difficult subject to comment on kden. But I cannot see how obtaining a vast sum of money is going to make anyone feel better about a traumatic experience such as these guys are alleging.
Grumpy said…
He said/He said. Where's the proof?
fernvalley01 said…
It does often seem like al of a suden folks hear of a money grab and jump on the bandwagon, but if it catually happened...
Anonymous said…
That's the problem - who knows if it actually happened? Don't get me wrong; if it did, there isn't a punishment severe enough. But it's far too easy in today's world to smear someone with an accusation, then sit back and reap a reward. Lives have been ruined over false accusations.
Mr. Shife said…
The promise of a big pay day will bring out a lot of claims by those looking for an easy dollar. I have only had Elmo in my life for about 2 years so I am not that attached to him, but I sure hope it is all bull shit like you said.

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