Truly Frightening

When you have a child and they are sick or hurt they can convey their pain or at least point to the offending owies. When your pet gets hurt or sick, it begins a guessing game and when you're wrong, it can be a great thing.

A few weeks ago when I got home from work my family informed me that our dog Nellie was not doing well. She had only been outside for about 30 minutes and when she came in she could hardly walk. Nellie was now lying in the hall and couldn't even muster a wag for me. We just let her be and thought a little rest would help.

She has hip problems and has sometimes gone 'Bambi' on slick surfaces. It causes her to limp for a few days but later that night what I saw was not limping. It was truly frightening. Her hindquarters were hunched and her back feet were walking on tip toes. She could only walk a few feet before collapsing. The next time I saw her get up it was worse. Her back end wobbled and swayed before she went down. I brought her food and water to her and she took a little. When she got uncomfortable she scooted along the floor by pulling with her elbows and dragging the rest of her body; it made me cry.

I camped out on the couch but couldn't sleep. Every time she moved I would jump up. I finally got her to bed by using a sling I had bought quite awhile ago. She doesn't like it so I think that's the only reason she moved, to get away from me. Visions of terrible diagnosis' filled my thoughts. I truly thought she had slipped a disc and was paralyzed. Did the thought of having to have her put down actually cross my mind? Ashamedly yes.

As soon as the vet office opened I told her of my emergency and she found a spot for us in about an hour. Nellie hadn't tried to get up so we thought she was exactly the same as the night before. I slipped the sling under her belly and pulled her up so hubby could swoop in and pick her up. She only weighs 59 but by the time he got her to the car he was huffing and puffing. We put blankets in the van but she insisted on getting up on her seat. When we pulled up to the vet's office she didn't want to get out. The two techs tried the stretcher, but that didn't work. Finally one of them just picked her up and carried her in. They placed a blanket on the floor of the exam room and put Nellie down. I expected her to flop to the floor but she stood, and stayed standing, although shakily. Well I was slightly embarrassed. "Really, you should have seen her. She was at Death's Door!" I was never so glad to be wrong in my life. We still decided to do a spinal x-ray and all that was found was the usual arthritis for being a 12 year old dog.

We all piled back into the car grinning and me texting daughter to tell her that her Nellie would be fine. When we pulled into the garage and walked toward the house, Nellie hesitated and did not want to follow. Ah, now it makes sense. She had fallen on the slick sidewalk and didn't want to walk on it. It's funny what a memory can do to you. I convinced her to follow me and she again didn't want to come into the kitchen; another memory of another fall.

At the vet's office I saw a chart on the wall where you locate your dog's age and weight and then find their human age. She's about 77 now. And the cat we had for 21 1/2 yrs. was off the chart at about 100 years of age. Wow!

Sweet Nell
With more rest, pain meds, and lots of luvin she's back to her normal self. I'm glad, because I'm not ready to let her go.


Grumpy said…
Glad to hear it wasn't serious. She's got a lot of life left in her. I'm convinced that animals that live in loving homes live longer.
bill said…
When the get ill you've gotta take 'em in to the vet.I don't have a dog but I have owned two, a red Puddle and a white Shar-pei. The puddle got run over; the Shar-pei got cancer. I liked them both better than some humans.
Crikey! You had me worried there for a moment! Really pleased to have a happy outcome.
fernvalley01 said…
Glad it worked out but its still god you had her checked
Mr. Shife said…
Glad to hear Nellie is doing better. When I first started reading your post the first thing I thought of was disc problems because that is what happened to our basset hound before Tank. Have a good weekend.
Peruby said…
Ask your vet about Novox. I have been giving it to my arthritic dog for a couple of years. Two a day. It is prescription. I got the first bottle from my vet, but the rest from Vet Depot. Vet Depot contacts your vet and they have to okay it.

I can really tell a difference when I forget to give my Sable the meds. She wipes out (as yours does) on slippery surfaces and she cannot get up.

Now she runs outside with the younger dogs. Okay, not a lot but much better than she used to.

Novox caplets (carprofen)

Good luck and may the rest of her precious years be pain-free.
kden said…
Thanks for the info Peruby. We use Rimadyl for pain meds, get them from Dr.'s Foster and Smith. We only do one every other day b/c they are a bit spendy, but she always gets more if needed. It's really helped a lot along with the chondroitin/glucosamine/msm combo.

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