This Coffee Tasted Better

Not even a week after my strange coffee date from the last post, I had a much different  experience over another cup of coffee.

I had the most distinct pleasure and privilege to have coffee with the woman I spent the last year gifting to on a weekly basis. After I had written to her and told her my story and why I did it, she Facebook messaged me. She had told me she really didn't adequately know how to say thanks and had started a letter many times. Amy said that after Travis died her husband had to come home from where he had been deployed and  money got very tight. She explained that sometimes they needed diapers and the only money they had was the money in Travis's account. I told her that one sentence made it all worth it; that I knew it was the right thing to do.

We planned to get together for coffee and I was so nervous. She was a little late and I thought I'd been blown off. I texted her and then looked out the window and there she was. As she walked in I laughed and said I should have waited 30 more seconds! What was also funny is that she saw me at the store earlier that morning. We've only seen each other from Facebook pics but we still recognized each other.

Amy is cute with an easy smile and laugh. She's also 20 years younger than I am. I kinda felt like her mom. She told me how she was only 19 and married when Travis (her husbands's half-brother) came into their life. He moved in permanently when he was only 5 and she was 22 with a new baby herself. Travis's own father had committed suicide and his mom just couldn't take the stress and asked the young family to take him. It wasn't easy but the best thing for him.

She talked non-stop about him for an hour straight. Later she said she never usually does that (especially to complete strangers) so I told her I appreciated that she felt comfortable enough to do so. She said she had regrets but who doesn't as a parent or even just a member of the Human Race. Nobody's perfect and we all do things we wish we could have done better.

I just listened and enjoyed learning more about him. I could tell she has immense pride and always stressed to people that she was his Mom; I think she deserves that title. She got teary eyed a few times and said she still misses him.

As we parted she said her husband wanted to come but had to work. He wanted to meet me and say thanks too, and I really appreciated the gesture.

We probably won't be great friends or anything, although she wants to keep in touch. But it doesn't really matter, I was just happy to meet her and learn more about Travis.

It just goes to show you how two people can have such different outlooks on life and a cup of coffee on a different day can sure open your eyes to that.


Grumpy said…
This would be a better world if we had more people like you willing to help others.
Can you explain more about gifting? Does it mean you are helping someone out financially? Or just a friendly ear? It sounds a good thing to do.
fernvalley01 said…
What a lovely thing! SO glad you were able to meet her and spend some time
kden said…
John, you would have to read my other blog, '365 days of giving' to understand but I'll give you the short version. A young man commited suicide. My daughter knew him but I did not. I did one nice thing a day for a year in honor of him and one day a week I would deposit money into his/the families bank account. I finished my gifting at the anniversary of his death and then wrote her a letter. Then we finally got to meet ;-) The End.
Anonymous said…
You did a really good thing last year - and you will never know how much your good deeds affected so many people! You totally paid it forward.....I am proud to know you.
Claire King said…
I am glad you got to meet. You are a doll.
Hopefully, it will grow into something quite rewarding for the both of you.

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