Have I Been Dumped?

It was a weird day. It didn't start that way but it most certainly was. I was excited to have coffee with a friend. I've written about her before on my '365 days' blog. She's known hubby for quite awhile through his driving job and also more recently as a client of his. She came for a reading quite some time ago and is now coming every 2-3 weeks for ongoing mentoring sessions.

I can't say she's a happy person and she freely talks about her depression and years of therapy. I can kind of relate so I think that's why we hit it off, or so I thought. During our visit she just had a strange vibe to her. We were just talking about things in general and she said she didn't think she'd ever be happy. She says she's spent a lot of money and time with therapy and still doesn't feel like she's getting anywhere. Then she started talking about hubby and some things about her sessions that she doesn't like and some things he says bothers her but she didn't say anything to him.  I tried to keep it light and said "Well, try being married to him." Bada Bing.....

I told her other than his psychic gift he gives advice on the lessons he's learned, nothing more. He's no better/smarter than anyone else. I also said that she shouldn't feel obligated to continue having sessions with him just because we are friends. I even asked if she would like me to tell him. She said she probably shouldn't be telling me how she feels and every time we tried to talk about something else, she would come right back to it.

Maybe she was just having a real bad day, it was rainy and gloomy out. But she even seemed to want to cut coffee short to get away from me, and then as we got up she said, "Well, I've got your number, so I'll call you sometime."

Huh? Isn't that what you say to people you don't want to see again? I think so. That's how it felt. So I felt gloomy inside the rest of the day and even opened up a bottle of wine which I haven't done in a very long time. The next night she did call hubby to cancel her next appointment. Then I told him about our strange coffee date and said I knew it was coming. He said he felt it was coming too and he had given her several 'outs' and kept asking her if she wanted to continue, but she always said yes.

I realize it's her issue, but it is so hard for me to make friends. It makes me feel like I'm back in grade school standing on the side of the playground waiting for someone to come and ask me to play.  It's just added another layer to my armor and I really don't give a shit anymore.


Grumpy said…
Don't project her depression and problems onto you. You've got lots of friends here.
I just wrote you a long reply and then lost broadband! Basically I was saying what Grumpy said, but in a long winded way.
bill said…
I wouldn't place much stock in what someone who is suffering from depression said to me. They're likely to say anything and would regret it later if they thought of what they had said. Or there may be other reasons. Maybe her discussing her most personal problems with your husband and and others knowing about it. Or no telling what. I'd put it out of my mind.
Claire King said…
You should not take this personally. It was her issue and her responsability to address that with yor husband, not your job to do so for her. Ya never know, her stating to call you sometime may very well mean she'll call ya sometime. If she doesn't, don't sweat bullets about it. She sounds a bit self serving if you ask me, which you didn't, but there it is. We love ya! Have a great Thanksgiving and weekend.
kden said…
That's why I love you guys; you tell it like it is ♥
fernvalley01 said…
She sounds like she has a mitt full of issues, and none are yours , if she calls I personally would be a bit hesitant to restore a lot of contact you are her friend and she should be talking with you about your stuff, not your hubby's business. Dont let her mess be your hurt

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