To Catch A Killer

Early this spring I wrote about a woman who was killed on a favorite walking trail by the river. She was walking her dog and lived right across the street but was getting ready to move because she didn't feel safe. Right before she died she described her attacker as a 'black man with a bad eye'. As I said then, it was a pretty specific description and hopefully it wouldn't take long to find him. After her death other reports of attacks came in but they didn't get their break until recently.

A woman was attacked recently but her screams were heard by a nearby worker. He called 911 and then started chasing him. The man jumped in the river but was pulled out by the police. He has now confessed to that attack as well as murdering the woman this spring. He gave a very detailed description of the days' events and is now being held on a one million dollar bond.

Witnesses had seen a man with his description running from the trail into an apartment building on the day of the murder. They took him in for questioning early on, but because his family or other witnesses weren't telling the truth and kept covering for him, they had to let him go.  He was never off their radar but didn't have the evidence to charge him at that time.

But thankfully for the young man that gave chase and the deceased woman herself  who gave a good decription, he was caught and charged. They're both heros.

Now take a look at this 'man'. He's actually 17 years old and lived in the same apartment building as the woman he murdered. He claims he was sitting outside of the apartment building when she walked by and called him a racial name and gave an opinion about the music he was listening to. He then followed her down the trail and first hit her with a rock before stabbing her. I think any of her friends would attest to the fact that she would never have done that. Thankfully he will be charged as an adult.

RIP Sharlotte.


kden said…
John, got your comment but deleted by accident...sorry . Out of town
billy Boggs said…
Our population is not all made up of Good Seminarians as can be seen in all our daily papers.
Mr. Shife said…
Glad Sharlotte got the justice she deserved but it is too bad and sad that people place so little value on other people's lives. Have a good weekend, kden.
Claire King said…
I am glad they caught the creep. Shameful his youth and adult years will now be spent in prison with a worryfree daily life, plenty of food to eat, no rent or electric bills to worry about, and guards making sure he gets exercise and possibly reading material to attain a degree, at the cost of the taxpayer, and a realty show when he comes about "turning his life around." Our penalty systems are too damn forgiving.

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