The Suckyness Continues

Desperate People, Desperate Times
All of us were up early again, loaded our crap in the back of the van again, and headed to the airport. There we sat for hours waiting for some kind of word. Didn't look good, more cancellations and the airport was filling up. It's only one large room, separated by a chain door to the ticket counter. The natives were getting restless as well as the crazy white people from Washington state. We were told it could be two or three days before we could leave. For others, it had been weeks, depending on where they were going. People were out of clothes, I was out of bp medicine and I sure could have used some by then. The airport said it would update us at 2:00, then 2:30, then 3:00, then 4:00. That's what was so hard, the severe highs and lows of the whole situation.

After breakfast at the airport we were so bored we actually went to Safeway to walk around. Seriously people there is nothing to do there. 'The Others' had already been to the museum and cannery and that's all there is. We either sat in the Lobby, our room, chairs on the 2nd floor, bar, or restaurant, in the airport and their bar and restaurant. Back and forth, back and forth. We couldn't even get out to take a walk because of the rain, plus we couldn't really separate. We moved around as one large amoeba. I was getting testy and missed my family. Barb kept me laughing and grounded.

Truly, a beautiful sight! Enlarge to see that plane coming in to save us!
About 2:30 Barb and I were sitting in the bar at the motel enjoying a Bloody Mary. Well, not exactly enjoying. I was more settling in for another night stuck in Dutch. Soon the others filed in and we were wondering if we would have a room for that night.....sigh. The hosts were on the phone constantly and finally about 4:00 pm, one of them said, "Let's go, they have a plane!" I have never felt such joy!! We all jumped back in the van and raced to the airport. The place was absolutely packed. We forced our way into line to check bags. With prop planes every single thing that goes on that plane has to be weighed, from the checked bags to carry ons. They even ask our weight. We were all standing at the window looking for the miracle to fly in. I wanted to capture it with my camera. I ran outside and could hear it coming. It came around Ballyhoo Mountain and barely touched down and then took off again. What? Come back! It circled around the mountain and then went straight instead of coming down to land. I waited a minute and then could hear it again, it was approaching from the other side. I didn't know they could land on either end. What a sight it was, truly beautiful. Everyone was cheering when I went back in. I told total strangers I loved them, I was so giddy. One man who I know couldn't speak English took his ear buds out and looked at me strangely.

We all piled on the plane at 7:00 pm and rumbled our way to Anchorage. Do you think this is the end of the story? Not quite...........


bill said…
Sounds like this has been more nightmarish than fun. Lots of anxiety and boredom with little reward. And you say it's not over? I think of John Denver's song. "Take Me Home Country Road." Only there is no road/.
Grumpy said…
What was the reason for the days of delay?
kden said…
The weather Grumpy. Prop planes can't use their instruments and rely on visual only. They need 1000feet of visual for long periods of time. It's pretty common around there and I guess most people go with the flow but I sure couldn't live there and go through that. Some charter planes got in (like the Hillstrands I'm sure) but I don't know why they could.
When we go on holiday to the Isles Of Scilly, which is about 40 miles off Lands End England. We never know when we will get back to the mainland. High winds or fog are the main culprits. We fly in tiny planes too and have to be weighed.
fernvalley01 said…
Cant wait to hear the rest!
This sounds like a horrible trip! Maybe I should be glad I didn't win the Walking Dead trip I wanted to go on.
At least you have a good story to share and many blog posts! lol
Claire King said…
Good grief. I bet you were missing WA by now!

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