The Horribly Sucky Day

Even that title doesn't sum it up. Because that was just the beginning of The Horribly Sucky Trip to Dutch.

Excitement filled the air as we arrived at the airport in plenty of time. Finally our travel mates showed up, both named William. We liked them immediately and before we even boarded the plane we were calling them 'The Bills'. They were sitting right behind us on the plane and we were joking around; then we heard the news. There was a problem with the fuel gauge and they needed to transfer fuel from one tank to the other, which they could only do with us off the plane. They said it would only take 15-20 minutes and we would all make our connecting flights. I never saw people move so damn slow in my life. We were told to leave our carry-ons as it would be quicker. Fifteen minutes turned into nearly an hour and after we finally arrived in Seattle and literally ran to our gate to our connecting flight to Anchorage, it was too late. Screwed.

We could have taken the next one out but as the so called 'leader' I thought I should call the Miller/Coors boss or our hosts. Basically our options were to take the next flight but by the time we decided, it was too late. The next option was to take an even later flight which would force us to stay in Anchorage and then be at our destination the next day, almost a full 24 hours late to a two day gig. The Bills didn't feel like it was worth it and decided to go home. I was near tears because I was thinking the same thing. I finally asked Barb what she wanted to do and she still wanted to go. So we tearfully said goodbye to the Bills and they went back home to Spokane. And we headed to the bar for our first picture of the Horribly Sucky Day.
One beer down, many more to go

Arriving in Anchorage late in the afternoon we were told we could go on standby for an earlier flight the next morning. Yipee there was some hope. We found a hotel and paid for it myself, which I have already been reimbursed in full. We arrived back at the airport at 6:00 am to inquire about being put on standby. A rude woman said Alaska Airlines doesn't allow standby status, even though it was an Alaska employee that told us, AND it was their fault we missed our connecting. She said standby is only allowed for Alaska residents. Huh? A little discriminatory? We had no choice to wait for the next flight, six hours later. No where to go and nothing to do, we took turns power walking the halls, then ate I'm sure. We did a lot of that. Finally our plane is ready go and we again are on our way.

The landing wasn't bad in Dutch, just a bit bumpy before we hit the runway. Don, one of our MC hosts was late in picking us up. Another thing out of any one's control is that the Discovery Channel had arrived early to rig the boats with cameras. They also wanted some overhead shots of  the Wizard in the water so as our plane landed we could see the Coast Guard helicopter above and the Wizard below. We just didn't know everyone else was on the boat. But Don finally did arrive and take us to the motel. Our room was decent, it's an older motel but really the only one there. He said people were tired and were going to rest and meet at the restaurant for the seafood buffet. I've read that the buffet is fantastic and at $50.00 bucks a plate it ought to be.
Barb caught this, you can see the helicopter in the distance

While we were just hanging out in the room the phone rang. I knew it was probably one of the hosts so I answered "Greenhorn Room." Keith himself said "Oh really?" and asked who I was. After I told him he told us to come down, we were going for a drive. Barb and I raced down to the bar and he was sitting there drinking wine. I don't know why, but he didn't strike me as a wine drinker. He again asked what my name was and I told him and then said that I was the Greenhorn Contest winner. "Oh, you're the one", as if I had told him I was the dishwasher or something. It just seemed like no big deal and I felt like he really didn't even know why we were there.

High atop a cold windy hill
After continuing to talk with his friends and ignoring us, it was clear that he was hammered. He finally gets up, hands me the keys to the rental and said we were going to drive up Bunker Hill. The only other girl, Katie came with us and the rest of the group followed in the van behind us, we hadn't even met them yet. It was cold, windy, and rainy as I drove a rutted road up the hill. The area is rich in history but this lesson was way too short. We reached the top, looked around a bit and took some pics over the edge and some with him. Because of the mist hitting my camera lens, the pictures all look blurry. We raced back down the hill and then he wanted to show us the Greek Orthodox Church. I've seen pictures from last year's winner and it's so beautiful. But a 5 minute pull aside the road to take a few shots was not fun at all. We had to be at dinner at eight. That concluded our hour long tour of the area as per the 'rules' of the contest. Another rule was that we were supposed to get $200 in spending money. I really don't know if was each or to split but I mentioned that via email to the head honcho who sent us the travel details a week before we left. He said he didn't know anything about it but he would check. I never did hear back from him and in our phone calls at the airport I asked if he had looked into it yet, he said he hadn't heard back. He would again check into it. I finally did receive it, a full 3 days after I got back. The congratulatory letter reads as though I should have gotten it way before I even left.

Our host, Steve listening to Sig's fish story
By the time we got to the restaurant, the others had already started eating. There was a long table for us and the hosts and others were at one end. Barb and I sat down and Keith was opposite us. I'm sure 'the others' introduced themselves but that's where the conversation ended. They pretty much ignored us the rest of the night. Keith talked to us for about 5 minutes then started talking to 'the others'. A few crew members showed up for dinner and Keith introduced them. Nice guys and they were willing to sign our shirts and hats to bring home to the family. Then we saw Capt. Sig Hanson at the next table and he signed them too. He's a funny guy but very crude. Every word out of his mouth has to be proceeded by the 'F' word and obviously he was drunk too. That's what they do, I get it, they're fishermen not movie stars.

Soon, Keith got up and went over to Sig's table and then disappeared. By 9:30 he had gone up to his room to bed and left us sitting there. No one else would talk to us so we left. The Greenhorns were in bed by 10:00

On to day two of the Horribly Sucky be continued


Grumpy said…
I'll never drink another Coors. Doesn't sound like the Miller-Coors people went much out of their way to make your trip enjoyable.

I get that these are fishermen and they spend their down time getting hammered and bullshitting, but you would think they could take two days out of their lives to make you feel special. They know how involved with the show the viewers are.

Remember, a good story lasts much longer than a good time.
I don't know what is happening kden. Did you win a competition to visit a film set?
Sorry things aren't going too well. Hope things are better tomorrow.
kden said…
Not exactly John. I won a contest to visit Crab fishermen from a TV show. Some girls would die to do this ♥ I'm home now, 3 more posts to go on the subject.
fernvalley01 said…
WOw! Just wow, and sooo not in a good way!
bill said…
The old adage comes to mind, 'when it rains, it pours.' I endorse Grumpy's statement, "Remember, a good story lasts much longer than a good time."
Claire King said…
I agree with bill and grumpy. At least you traveled somewhere new, and somewhat exciting. Sorry you were not being treated like the winner you are.

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