Sucky Trip...Day 2

Before he left us the previous night, Keith said he would pick us up at 8:00 am to go to the boat. He told us that maybe we could go out but it all depened on whether Discovery needed more footage or not. If they did, we would go. If not we would stay docked. We checked out because that was our day to leave and were waiting in the lobby with our luggage waiting for Keith. He didn't show up so Steve, the other MC host took us to the boat about 8:30, it was still dark out. I mean pitch black dark. It was pouring so hard, so miserable. We had our coats on and our little paper bags with our hats and tshirts from the night before. The crew would sign them for us we were told.

Roger and I in the rainy darkness
The way the boats are tied up are one boat is at the dock and others are stacked next to them. Monte greeted us and we had to walk a long grated walkway and through the belly of one large boat to reach Keith's. Basically you are crawling across the railings which is tricky because there is a gap of about 3 feet inbetween and if you slip, you be dead. There was a large net strung up to catch any of us that fell. I made it across fine and Barb did too. It seemed easier in the dark for some reason.  As we finally reached the door of the wheel house our little paper bags were soaked. Monte took us down to the galley where we met Lenny. He's the chief engineer and keeps things running. He's a very nice man and easy going. Monte had told us that Discovery did want to film some more so we would be going out, we were just waiting for the go ahead. After nine o'clock and Keith hadn't arrived yet. Roger, a deck hand gave us a tour of the boat. Then we could walk around and take pictures. I took advantage of that and took some that most people would not think of, ha. If you want to see the pictures of the inside of the boat, head on over to my photo blog. I was surprised at how small and compacted everything was. It does look a lot bigger on TV. Even the wheelhouse doesn't sit up as high as it looks on TV. We saw Freddy in the hall, he's my favorite and much more handsome in person. The guys were working on the deck tying pots down but came in to sign our stuff as well as some posters. By then Keith had finally arrived (now 10:30). He asked us if we had gotten pictures the night before. We said yes. He asked if they were any good. He didn't even remember what we did the night before. Geez Louise!! All the stuff was signed now so the guys went back to work, no picture opportunities.

They had already fulfilled their duties on the night we should have been there. We missed the crab feed on the boat. They said it was wonderful and a lot of fun. Screwed again. Knowing we had a schedule to keep with our plane, time was running out. Finally Discovery called.....and cancelled the filming, probably due to the weather. Time was too short now so I told them to forget going out in the water. Keith said that took a load off his mind. Screwed again.

The only face you can see is Soper, he's pretty handsome too
It was time to go and Keith said he would save our hosts some time and take us to the airport himself. Now to get back across to the other boat, it looked harder now. We had transferred out goods to a plastic bag and buttoned up our coats. I strapped my purse across my chest but the flap wasn't secure and my camera was just sitting right under that flap. I got one foot over fine and wanted to take my time getting over. That wasn't acceptable to the Captain so he's on the other boat and grabs my purse and pulls. I figure I better jump or I'm going to lose my purse and camera all together. Finally I was over and now it was Barb's turn. I took her bag and I don't even know if she had her purse or not. The safety net was now gone and she knew she couldn't make the big jump like I did. I was trying to get out of the rain and found a spot underneath something, and waited and waited. Anywhere I set our bags down seemed to be in a big puddle, and I finally had to go back to see what she was doing. All Hands On Deck! The guys had to put the net back and then rig up a plank for her to walk across the railings. Keith said I should take pictures and I was laughing so hard, it was difficult. But she finally made it and we were on our way to the airport. Finally the others arrived but, guess what? The flight was cancelled. Screwed!!! When Keith dropped us off at the airport, he said he WILL see us again. He said he would stop by before we all boarded. He didn't. Didn't even see him the next day when he knew we had missed our flight.

The plane that was supposed to come and get us got grounded. I relayed some confusing information with what little I could get out and gave the impression that we had left but got grounded somewhere else. I said Coldfoot but think I meant Cold Bay, ha. It didn't really matter where we were or where the plane was, we weren't going anywhere. Now we were homeless and so were many others that couldn't get out. Back to the motel we had to get put on a waiting list and were sitting around for hours just waiting. What else is there to do but drink some more? The production manager for Discovery saw us and asked why were still there, we had met her the day before. She said she would see if we could say in one of the rooms she had blocked. No can do, the motel had already taken them for other people, but eventually we did get a room. Trouble is we had to double up, three to a room to save some money. Miller/Coors had given our hosts a 4K expense account and we were going through it fast. We had to room with Miss Chatty Katie. She was a good friend of one of the hosts and was his guest. She clearly enjoyed hanging with the guys better and didn't take kindly to having to spend any time with us.

Filet Mignon for me!
We did have another nice dinner though, oh man I could get used to that. If we drank beer it was free but anything else, we had to buy our own. The first night Barb and I had a Bloody Mary and when the waiter tried to collect, I told him it was on Keith, since he bailed on us. Dinner wasn't over until 9:30 and we were tired so Barb and I went to bed. Miss Katie stayed with the guys and didn't come until 1:30. Must be nice to be young.

Extra planes were supposed to be added the next morning so we were hoping to get out be continued........


Peruby said…
This is god awful. What the hell?
Grumpy said…
This is really becoming the trip from Hell, but sorry to say I'm enjoying your misery. Not that you had to endure all this, just that it makes a great story.
kden said…
It is a great story isn't it Grumpy? I would never believe anything could be this bad unless I livd it---and documented it. It is freakin hilarious!
bill said…
I'm enjoying the telling but I'm glad you won and not me. The ocean waving back and forth, the boats rocking with the water I would've been seasick already. Looking forward to another episode.
Mr. Shife said…
Sorry that your trip is less than spectacular. I am enjoy reading your story but I dislike the fact that it is you that has to endure it. Hope it gets better. Take care kden.
fernvalley01 said…
what a complete and utter shit show
kden said…
To the point Fern; I like that! And the truth too.

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