Lost Luggage and Crabby Crabbers

When we landed in Anchorage it was 10:30 pm. Everyone took off in different directions. A few of them had brought some frozen crab and had to pick it up. At this point, I couldn't give a flip about their crab. Barb and I went to find her checked bag, which never showed. One of the hosts called me and left a message saying to get our boarding passes for the next day and meet them at the baggage claim. We were just there, they weren't there. We were all so tired and chasing this bag around did not help. I finally called back and asked where they were. We had got our stuff at Penair and they were at Alaska. I lost it. When we found them I yelled at them for leaving us. Damn it, why was it so hard to travel as a group and get things done faster. It was like wrangling kittens, they were running around all willy nilly. They looked at me like I had slipped a cog. They all kept insisting that Barb's bag was here somewhere, like we hadn't been to every place we were sent to. Finally we said lets just go and we'll look for it in the morning. Don started yelling, "I can take care of one person, not 9 people, I'm not a frickin' tour guide!" Oh God, the hosts are cracking now too.

Since Barb didn't have her luggage, we didn't have our own pillows, her clothes, jammies, or all of our souvenirs. She had to sleep in her clothes and needed to buy a new sweatshirt in the morning too. One of the funnier moments is when she kept saying to every baggage claim person "I need my ESSENTIALS!" "MY ESSENTIALS are in there." (Her bag arrived home two days later with all of our stuff intact, including her essentials, ha)

Nine grumpy people got in the shuttle van back to the same motel that Barb and I had stayed in the first time through. At least we didn't have to share a room with Miss Katie Pants. We got into bed a full two hours after we landed, ridiculous! I don't think anyone cared if they saw us or each other again. My sentiments exactly. Although Barb did get Steve to order us some nice Miller/Coors jackets right before we left Dutch. We'll see if we ever get them.

We were all leaving at different times in the morning which was fine. One of the guys was on our plane but we didn't talk much. It was a beautiful flight, the most comfy plane we had been in by far. A few spare minutes in Seattle had us ordering another Bloody Mary for the short hour ride home. Boarding the plane at 4:00 and home by 5:00. What a deal. Hubby and daughter met me and we came home and ordered pizza.

One thing that burned me as I landed, is that my step-son was returning from a trip to China an hour earlier and he had already made arrangements with hubby to pick him up. So hubby texted him and asked if he could wait for me to land and then we'd all take him home. He said he'd take a cab. Hubby said that was rude. Step-son said he knew it was. Our airport isn't as big as others that I had been to but he still couldn't take one hour or even a few minutes to find his Dad and little sister to say hi. He'd been gone for almost 3 weeks to visit his fiance's parents and it would have been nice to hear about his trip. But he had to be a total jerk and just go home. It would have cost me over an hour to take him home because he lives so far away, but I would have done it. We're used to him being a jerk to his dad but it's the first time he ever did something like that to me. I guess he will just have to find someone else to make his Thanksgiving dinner this year, 'cause it sure won't be me.

Part of my disappointment with this trip was from looking at pictures from last year's winner. They were superb, both the ones he took and the ones that were taken of him and the crew. Come to find out that it was because Henry Weinhard's reps were there and they wanted some nice shots for marketing purposes. I guess they didn't need any this year. And the fact that Keith was a drunken jerk didn't help matters. I felt like I only got a half of a winning trip and the rest of it was pretty crappy.

If someone had told me I won a contest but laid it out just as it happened and told me that's how it was going to be----I would pass. All the stress of traveling, unfriendly 'others', crappy weather, and jerky captains just wasn't worth it. And then two days after we got back, I got sick (cold and hives-oh joy).

And all my bragging about Karma and Manifesting. Well if the Universal rules are true, then I am very good at Manifesting shit. Because everything that could have gone wrong on this trip...did. Well, the plane didn't go down, so that's a good thing. It just makes me want to cry because I will never get this opportunity again. I had one chance and the Crab Gods took it away from me.

I was asked by Keith's media person if she could share my pictures and story because it looked like we had lots of fun and she heard good things about me. Ummmm, highly unlikely. I told her I would feel uncomfortable saying that it was a good trip when it wasn't, and all that his fans would probably want to lynch me. Well, that shut her up.

There were a few bright spots. Barb kept me laughing, she's the more optimistic one.  When we'd get another cancellation I would call home and cry and she would cheer me up. At one point when we were at the airport bar, she had to go back to the ticket counter to ask a question. This Asian couple cut in line and started talking to the agent in their language. It's one thing Barb despises and they kept cutting in trying to talk to the girl at the counter. Finally Barb turns and yells "DO YOU THINK YOU'RE SPECIAL?!" They kept talking, more animated, in their own language and Barb yells again. Finally a man stepped out and asked the couple to move to the end of the line. She runs back in the bar and said I would have so proud of her. She is so mild mannered, but don't cross her! I'm sorry I missed it.

We got our pictures with other captains we saw in the motel Lobby. Wild Bill of the Kodiak is a good friend of someone we graduated with. We just found that out before we left when I emailed Randy and asked if he was going to be around when we were there. He fishes Halibut so is getting ready to leave for the winter. So Barb sees him in the hall and asked about Randy and if we could get a picture. He wasn't exactly thrilled about it, "Yes but hurry, I have to go." So we did and got this.
He's big and scary!

We also saw Capt. Scott Campbell (Junior) but he looked pretty drunk and surly and we didn't want to bother him.Then I walked out into the lobby and saw my two favorite Captains, John and Andy Hillstrand of the Time Bandit. I told them I was from Spokane trying to win them over because their mom is from just over the border in Idaho. It didn't impress them much but I asked for a picture anyway.
Love me a Hillstrand sandwich!
I also bought a boat load of tshirts, hats, and a nice fleece coat for me and since they were bought at ship supply stores they can't be bought online. One of a kind, around here anyway!

I've been talking to Head Honcho about the possibility of them not giving me a 1099 misc. for tax purposes. Although they're supposed to, I made the case that it was only half a trip and lousy at best. I'd be happy with one for half-value but even happier with none at all. I told him that if the trip had gone exactly as planned and was the trip I thought it would be, I wouldn't hesitate paying taxes on it.

I'm just bitchy enough to ask for special treatment. Because I'm a flippin' 'Greenhorn Of The Day' and I deserve it dammit! After what I've been through, I deserve it!


Grumpy said…
Damn right you deserve it! They should pay any taxes you owe.

I guess the most disappointing thing for me (and probably you) is that the captains were such jerks. Without TV and the fans they're just fishermen.
bill said…
What a blow, what a letdown, and a 1099, too.
Claire King said…
Wow, didn't think of the tax deal
here. Jeeze. Just remember, last year's winners may have had mishaps or had to sign releases of non disclosure if their trip was as misabound as yours.
kden said…
Last year's winner had a wonderful time. If such a disclosure was available, they would have had me sign it 100 times over. It was his pictures and story of the trip that made me want it so bad.
Wow, you really shouldn't be expected to pay taxes on such a crabby trip. Maybe it is time for you to give up on the stinky fishermen and start watching The Walking Dead! lol
Mr. Shife said…
You definitely do not deserve a 1099. Holy cannoli that would be ridiculous. Sorry the trip turned out to be such a disappointment. Glad you are back home safe and sound. Take care of yourself and hope your weekend is awesome because you do deserve that.

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