365 Days Is Over

For those of you that may remember or have been following my 365 Days Of Passing It On, I have finished my project. For someone that doesn't stick with anything very long, out of boredom; I'm very happy and proud that I accomplished this. Some days were challenging or repetitive and other days I felt like I wasn't doing enough, but overall I'm glad I did it. I estimate I gave the family about $1050.00 over this past year. Wow, that really adds up! I hope it helped with some expenses or even something for the other kids.

I wrote a letter to the family as my last act of kindness and it's posted over there if you want to take a look.

*Remember I'm leaving on the 9th and won't be able to publish comments until early on the 12th.*


bill said…
I remember you were giving to a family. Maybe it did some good without pinching your budget too much.I can't read your letter as I no longer know where it is. I deleted my gmail account and it automatically deleted my blog. I tried to reopen my blog or start another one but couldn't with out also oping another gmail account. I found your blog but lost most. Anyway hope you have a very good trip and have some interesting things to talk about. Cheers.

kden said…
Thanks Bill! If you hover over the words "365 Days Of Passing It On" in the first sentence, it's linked to the other site. Even though you're not blogging right now, I still appreciate that you stop by. Look on my right side bar and you will find our old friends ;-)
Congrats! I know with just doing 41 it is tough to stick to and get it done. I cannot imagine 365!
fernvalley01 said…
It is a wonderful thing you have done for them , and for you ! Proud to know you lady!

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