I'm So Excited, I Could Just Wet Myself!

Do remember a few months ago when I wrote about this contest I was entering daily, Greenhorn For A Day, sponsored by Henry Weinhards?????????

Well I'll be damned---I WON! I kid you not, this girl is going to Alaska in a few short weeks. I got the call on the 5th and I was shaking when I heard the message. I called back and was told that I would be sent some papers that I had to sign and return within 7 days. I also had to pick somone to go with me. First off, I would have taken my daughter if she had been 21 but I couldn't. Hubby? Didn't even consider him, I want to have fun. Sorry if that sounds mean, but it's true. He doesn't even like to ride on a ferry, what in the heck would he do on a crab boat in the Bering Sea? Plus he isn't crazy about planes and I read that after arriving in Anchorage we will be 3 hours on a prop plane to get to Dutch Harbor. He'd be crying like a little girl by the time we arrived.

I'm taking Barb, a friend from school long, long ago. We grew up in a small town, and all we ever did was laugh when we were together. That's her on the left. I got the papers on the 7th as promised and had to sign my life away with a promise for my family to not sue if I die at sea, and give my permission to use my picture for, well I guess whatever they want, as well as permission for a back ground check. And then there was the W-9 to fill out so they can send me my 1099-MISC, so I can claim this trip, valued at $5600.00 on my taxes. That's the sucky part, but it will still be worth it. We got together on the 9th so she could fill out hers and she was so darn excited even though at that point, I was still only a 'potential' winner until everything checked out. Being a 'potential' anything is very stressful! I made several calls to Chicago to the company that ran the contest for them. She had to keep reassuring me that I really did win and I would hear from someone soon.

We are flying out on October 9th and will return on the 11th. It will be a couple of fast paced days and I wish it was the weekend but we'll take it anyway.

Our itenerary includes a guided tour of Dutch Harbor in Unalaska , a meet and greet with Capt. Keith and crew, a ride out into the Bering Sea on his Fishing Vessel, (the Wizard), getting a chance to throw a hook and bait a pot and then a nice crab dinner (hopefully on the ship like the guys last year). Their pictures have been so helpful and exciting to see, it gives me an idea of what's in store. I don't remember who won the first year, if it was a man or woman; and the Capt. and crew might try to act a little different when they know a couple of women are coming. But I'm not sure they know what's in store for them with the two of us! Oh, we also get $200 each in spending money.

I have been planning and dreaming of this trip for three years. After the first year, when I didn't win I was upset but rationalized that I had just started my diet and didn't really want a setback. Last year I was rather devestated and didn't think I'd try again. But as it came around this spring I was back on the bandwagon and texted daily for 4 months, only missing less than 10 days in that time.

I have had a brief time in my life when I really believed in the whole positive thinking and 'manifesting into reality' the things you want. But I also am negative in my thinking and don't believe that good things can happen to me. But I'll tell ya, I wanted this so bad that I would actually see myself flying into Dutch Harbor and because I watch Deadliest Catch, they show you lots of the surrounding areas so I know what it looks like. I would envision myself walking around the area, taking pictures of the Bald Eagles, Fisherman's Memorial, crab pots and The Wizard. When I found pictures of last year's winners, they are EXACTLY like the ones I saw in my head. So not to get all woo woo on you but I truly believe that I manifested this trip. Or maybe it's Karma, I do believe in it. And I have been doing some awfully nice things this past year ;-)

Brothers-Jonathan and David, last years winners
So if Barb and I aren't puking our guts out by this time, we should have an awesome picture like this! And I apologize now because I will be talking about this trip for a long time to come.

I'm looking so forward to meeting the guys I've seen on TV for years and it would be nice to run into some of the guys from the other ships too. The winners last year ran into one of the other Captains in a bar and he thought it was so funny that they had actually 'won' a trip to Dutch Harbor, like who would want to go there? Well this girl does and she will!!

I just found out yesterday that although I am the Grand Prize Winner through Henry's Facebook contest, I am not the only winner. In fact two guys are flying out of Spokane with us for the same damn trip and there will be others. Henry's also sponsored other contests in other places. Well poop. Could be interesting ;-)


Anonymous said…
Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.
Claire King said…
Whew hew!! How amazing!! We will savor your posts about the trip!
Mr. Shife said…
Awesome, awesome, and awesome. Congrats and I am jealous but happy for you. Look forward to hearing all about your trip.
Anonymous said…
I am so happy for you! I know you've wanted this for a long time. And don't worry - we will never get tired of reading/hearing about your trip!
bill said…
I had some friends who took a boat up to Alaska. She really didn't want to go to Alaska. He did. They went to Alaska and took some side trips. He loved the trip. She thought it the most fun she'd ever had and would go back in a heartbeat if they had the money and time off. You'll have fun my dear.
fernvalley01 said…
SO cool!!! Congratulations take a good camera and have a wonderful time!
D. Duplessis said…
WOW! Congratulations, I hope you both totally enjoy your trip!

benni said…
Good for you! I enjoyed reading this!
So very happy for you! You must share lots of photos with us. Can't wait to hear all about it.

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