Gazpacho; A Little Love From The Garden

I love making Gazpacho in the summer, just when all the necessary vegi's are ripe. Some call it a salad, some call it a soup. I just call it good.

I don't follow the recipes I've seen online, they use bottled Italian dressing or beef stock as the liquid (both gross). I like mine more tomato-ey based, and use V8, the spicy blend.

It's easy to make; take a bunch of freshly picked tomatoes and cucumbers and cut small. Then add some onion, I only use about 1/2 of one, otherwise that's all you're going to taste. Pour in about a cup or so of V8 and throw in some fresh basil and oregano and salt/pepper. Let it sit in the fridge all day and it's usually better the next day. Grab some french bread and you've got a great summertime meal. After it's dished up you can add some Tabasco or cayenne to heat it up more if you want.

This recipe is even endorsed by 'The Picky One'.


bill said…
It looks good; it sounds good; and I'm betting a dollar to a donut hole it's delicious.
fernvalley01 said…
yumm send some my way!

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