Claire And Kden Ride Again

Last weekend on the first day of fall, your favorite blogging duo, Claire and Kden traveled across the smokey state of Washington to meet up again. We met at a mega fruit stand before heading into Ellensburg for lunch.

I was kind of hesitant to travel through the smoke from several fires burning in our state but decided to go for it. It's the worst I've ever seen around here. You just can't get away from it and it felt kind of claustrophobic going through the heavier smoke around Vantage. My eyes and throat were burning but I couldn't turn back then! It may look just like a foggy day but it's all smoke baby! A few raindrops splatted my windshield but not nearly enough to clear it.

It was such a nice visit. I felt more comfortable than last year. First of all, I knew who I was looking for and didn't have to guess, ha. We arrived at almost the same time so we grabbed a cup of coffee and went upstairs for awhile to look at the cool antiques.

Then we headed to Ellensburg to find a place to eat. I missed the turnoff I wanted; it's never good to follow me. But we did end up at a nice place that used to be a Red Robin. We caught up like old friends, starting up where we left off last time. I love friendships like that ;-) The food was good, company was better, and we talked the waiter into taking our pictures before we left. We both brought our cameras and had the same exact thought, she just beat me to asking him. It's hard to look cool when you have a nice looking young waiter taking your picture, but I think we managed.

So here's to old friends and good times; until we meet again. Thanks for a great day Claire.


Grumpy said…
Make a Midwest tour stop.
bill said…
How extraordinary to drop everything and go for a few hours of unorthodox fun.
kden said…
I agree Bill ;-) And if you lived closer we would drop everything and visit you....and everyone else.
I'm looking forward to you visiting me kden. :-)
Claire King said…
Nice wrtie up about our visit kden. I think it is really great that two on line friends can chat (in person), like we've known each othr for years. Thanks!

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