That Time Of Year Again

By 6:00 am this morning we will have hit the road for the Annual Mozzarella Family vacation. Aren't you excited? I am! I bet you're so excited that you will rush over to Pictorial Soul to see pictures of our trip unfold.

We're going back to Forks and LaPush Washington this year. There were so many things we didn't get to do and see two years ago. Tonight we're stopping in Sequim to visit with Hubby's cousin, who he has not seen in 30+ years so I've never met her. There were so many years she wouldn't talk to him for some reason but a few years ago she called out of the blue and her and I have been conversing through email ever since. I remember her Mom and Stepdad and didn't really care for either of them. They partially raised my husband after his mom died when he was only 12. I think they weren't the best for him but he had no choice back then. So it will be interesting to say the least.

It's our hopes to hike in to see these two waterfalls, Marymere and Sol Duc.

Both are an easy (or so I understand) 0.8 mile in, so maybe they can both be done in one day, or one might have to be done another day. But they are both in between Sequim and our destination.

Another interesting thing we want to do which is fairly new, is a logging and mill tour. We love watching Ax Men, which features some of this area's Olympic National Forest. It will take several hours on Wednesday but it should be fun.

But one big reason to go back is because my daughter and I want to conquer Second Beach in LaPush. It kicked our butt last time and by the time we got down to the bottom we were too exhausted to climb over the mountain of drift logs to get to the beach. The trail is only a mile long but it twists and bends and goes down several staircases. Sixty pounds heavier two years ago, I was huffin' and puffin', sweating in 50 degree weather, and my knee was screaming. I was actually scared that someone would have to call Search and Rescue to haul my fat ass back up the mountain. My daughter is so determined that she's been on the treadmill every other day at an incline to build up endurance.

The view at the bottom and the pile of logs that need to be climbed over to reach the beach. I'm ready!

And the rest of the week will be spent with more walking and hiking and plenty of eating I'm sure. It's a pretty remote area and there aren't a lot of restaurants. But there is one decent place right in our campground we will spend most of our time at. We will reserve one meal to enjoy some fresh smoked salmon from a little place off the beaten path. Last time we saw a homemade wooden sign and followed it to a run down home of a Quileute Indian. He came running out with his tray of fish and he started telling us how much for the pieces. When hubby brought out his wad of money, the price suddenly went up! I told hubby this year don't bring out the money until he tells us the price ;-) They smoke the fish in old sheds that look something like outhouses, but I'll tell ya, it's the best damn smoked salmon you will ever eat! Maybe I'll get a picture this time or get my daughter to do it. She was scared to get out of the car last time, ha.

The weather looks to be in the low 60's, pretty much what I expected. I just hope we get to see some blue sky this time and not just all gray.

It will be nice to get out of the hot, loud, city and get into the nice, cool, green forest. Ahhhhhhh.


bill said…
Your vacations always sound like such fun. Of course we'll want to see your pictures, so take plenty. I hope for all of you this will be the best vacation ever. Have fun and make memories.
Claire King said…
Have fun. I am sure you will have stories and chuckles to share upon your return.
Grumpy said…
Have a great time. I'm sure the driftwood mountain won't stop you now.
fernvalley01 said…
Have a wonderful time

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