I Sure Loved That Cooler

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As I sit here trying to use my laptop in the bumpy car going over Snoqualmie Pass, I'm bummed. Not only because we're on our way home from vacation, which was wonderful by the way, but because someone stole our cooler last night. They took it right off of our cabin porch as we slept our last night of vacation bliss.

We awoke at 4:00 and it's usually my job to fill the cooler. I only had some water, juice, and pop in it at the time and I poked my head in the door and asked hubby if he had put it in the car. I don't know why, but his usual response is "Are you joking?", as if I would really be joking around at 4:30 in the morning.

It was so dark but I still walked around the campground like it was going to be just sitting out in the open as if it was just playing a trick on us.

"BOO Kden, fooled ya didn't I? Just messin' around honey. Come on, pick me up and lets go home"

I came back and quickly got online hoping I could get a response from the Resorts owner who is a facebook friend of mine. No luck, but I did tell him how unhappy we were.

I do recall hearing a pickup come in late and as I was standing out in the dark morning I thought I heard that pickup start it's engine and circle its way around the camp to leave. I was waiting at the exit with my dorky little flashlight. He had been staying in the camp for a few days because he's working with the road crew in the area. But I saw a cooler in the back of his truck so I went crazy and started chasing him. He stopped and I told him my cooler had been taken and it looks a like his and asked if I could see it. He said sure, but he just bought it. I still insisted that I look at it. I flashed my little light at the top and saw that it was different and then felt so stupid and apologized over and over. He's probably still talking about that crazy lady in the campground.

Although there wasn't much in it at the time we still needed it to get all our food home. I almost put $100.00 worth of smoked salmon in but decided against it and put them back in the fridge. We ended up stopping in the nearest big town to buy a small cooler just to get that stuff home without having to dump it all.

About halfway home I called the resort and talked to his wife I believe, and she acted like she didn't know anything about it. She did say that the resort has security cameras and they would check the video for that evening.

It was given to us by Hubby's ex wife, during one of her moves several years ago. I don't even imagine she used it much. But we sure did, it was great. It had wheels, a drain hole (a must) and a nice handle that tucked under when not in use. That very distinctive thud when you closed the lid was music to my ears. And it fit in our van perfectly. With one of our bucket seats out, the lone passenger in the back could use it for a table or just pile more crap on it.

It's not about the cooler though or even the stuff in it. It's what it represents. If you've ever thought about it, coolers represent all the fun stuff you get to do such as big vacations, weekend trips, or even a day trip. We haul that cooler up from the basement, fill it with ice and goodies and take off. You never load up a cooler for something sad and depressing. It's all about good times and becomes a part of your life, the good part. That cooler has been to lots of places with us-Montana, the Oregon Coast, and twice to where we just came from.

And they took that away from us, and the memories that go with it. Maybe we can get by with two smaller ones instead of a big one but it won't be the same. I finally did hear back from Curt early Monday morning. He felt very bad and said that he would be checking the video himself tomorrow and would get back to us one way or the other. He said in the 21 years they've owned the place they have had maybe 4 coolers taken, and the last one resulted in someone being caught and the cooler returned. He can't promise that will happen and I understand, but a good outcome would be nice.

Because Damn.......I loved that cooler.


Grumpy said…
Well that just sucks. I hate thieves, even more so when they take something personal. If they can afford to stay at the resort, they can afford a cooler.

Good thing the smoked salmon wasn't in there.
bill said…
We were camping enthusiast over the years and were lucky I guess, never having anything stolen. But it's a fact of life, you leave something out, somebody will grab it. I think it's worse now than it used to be but maybe that's an old man's view of things.
D. Duplessis said…
Dang! Who does that kinda thing? It's just a cooler to them, but to you it's a much loved possession that serves as reminder to great moments in your life. Damn thieves.

Claire King said…
Sorry your cooler was stolen. It just ticks me off that people have nothing better to do than steal, vandalize and violate us good folks. Coolers are replaceable, but your memories are not...and you still have them.
we should try to meet 1/2 way across the state again, before summer ends.
Mr. Shife said…
I hope that cooler finds it way back home to you because that is where it should be. Sorry that happened and it would be awesome if it is returned.

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