His Obsession

***Cooler Update...I know you're all just dying to know what we found out. Apparently there is not video throughout the park, just at the entrance. But they did see a small black car come into the park at 3:07 am and stayed about 3 minutes. Just long enough to steal one cooler I guess. They couldn't get a licence #, but they may know who it was so they turned the info over to the police in LaPush, Forks, and the National Park. Time will tell.....***

Whenever we go anywhere, whether it's a full out vacation or a weekend trip, my husband is obsessed about bringing home driftwood. It used to be rocks. He brings them home and puts them all over the house "for decoration."  I stopped that by throwing them outside in the flowerbeds and he never even noticed.

Every year I beg him, "Please, no more driftwood! Where are you going to put it?"

"In the yard", he says. It's always the same answer.

I like to bring home a few things too, but I have specific uses for them. The round rocks from LaPush? I build towers with them and I give some away as well as put them in the yard. But I know my limit, I don't go nuts. I did want one piece of driftwood several years ago, but I knew right where I wanted it and knew it would fit.

When we got home I opened the back of the van and this is what rolled out of it. I knew about the big piece and a few small ones, but all of this.....and nowhere to put it.

Just look at some of these pictures. Every corner or spare spot in the yard has driftwood in it. The day we have to move from here, the wood is staying.

This is the one I wanted, see perfect fit
This one almost reaches clear up to the garage roof; it came home last year. It was shoved at an angle under the seats and if it had been one inch longer, it wouldn't have made it.

A couple of years ago my daughter and I started calling him Caveman Og, because he's turning into the hunter and gatherer. Too bad it's only wood and not food

A trip around the yard yields the bounty of his gathering.

Wood, rocks, and floats.....oh my

There's more I'm sure, out there somewhere. There's a lot in the house too along with rocks, sea shells, and floats. I told him next year it's the driftwood or me. He asked me where I would like to be dropped off.


Peruby said…
Were you the one who I was reading when your glass decorations you were making caught your driftwood on fire from the hot sun shining through it?
Grumpy said…
I like the driftwood and I'm not just taking his side.
D. Duplessis said…
Back in the 70s my Mom was a driftwood collector. She'd decorate with it, make gifts, it was clearly an obsession for a couple of years...but then she turned to macrame...oh my, macrame. Still gives me chills. :-)
kden said…
Yes Peruby, that was me. Maybe it was planned all along, ha.

Grumpy, I love driftwood too but enough is enough. If I put it all in a pile we could have one heck of a bonfire, started of course with glass!

David, I did some nice macrame pieces in the late 70's too. Hard work and sore fingers. Wish I'd kept them.
fernvalley01 said…
It does look pretty the way you have it displayed.
bill said…
If I lived where I could pickup some good looking driftwood, I'd also be a collector, but occasionally I'd leave a piece behind to show you I was trying to be reasonable.
Claire King said…
Love the post and pictures.

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