Blog Spam

I don't know if any of you are getting hit with spam hard but I am. It's gone from occasionally to 4-5 a day now. It's always the same kind and anonymously posted. It's either drugs, payday loans, or porn. Occasionally someone will post with an actual link back to their blog. Those are my favorites. It gives me opportunity to go to their blog and let them know what I think of their spam.

Recently someone wrote and it was more of hate mail, rather than spam. Hell2theEx commented on my Miracle On Ash Street post,  "Oh brother this is the blog behind me? Oh God- please help him and not me. This is the same dribble drabble that is only expressed when you dont have anything of substance to say. What a shame."

Really? Why? I can be argumentative sometimes on blogs if I don't agree with a certain point of view but I would never go to someone body's blog and just be plain mean, there's no reason for it. So in kind I followed the 'follow me' rule and left a comment for her, it's only fair.

I'm glad at least I have comment moderation on but if I cut off anonymous commenting then that leaves only blogger members or registered users (whatever that means). So I guess I'll just continue deleting the anonymous comments and messing with the idiots that leave a link back to their own blog.


bill said…
I don't know what you can do other than what you're doing. I'm not very savvy on computer technology. You have my sympathy.
Grumpy said…
I've had more spam than usual, but it seems to be aimed at posts from long ago. When I go back to that post, it isn't even there; it just shows up in my email telling me a comment was made, if that makes sense.

Be careful about clicking links.
fernvalley01 said…
I had that for a time but is seems to have eased
Mr. Shife said…
Best of luck to you to you in the spam battle. I am currently in a war with one spam bot whose sole purpose in life appears to be to piss me off. I must break him.
Peruby said…
Very little here. Ignore them, do not respond back - they know they have a live one on the hook if you do. IMHO.
WordPress is horrible with spam comments. Most trying to sell things...I even had one trying to sell wedding dresses. I tried to leave it open for everyone to comment but had to shut that down and now have to approve of every comment. Super annoying!

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