Another Year Come and Gone

This is my 400th post!!

Plus, today is my Daughter's birthday. Seventeen. Yes, Seventeen. It's gone by fast and 99% of it has been easy. Other than to exclaim how proud I am of her and how much I love her, I've pretty much said it all before. But I do want to share some photos from her recent Senior Shoot. I put some on Facebook and have shared others via email, but you will just have to indulge me one more time.
I get this look on occasion

Lean this way

Lean that way

One of my favories

Love the slight sepia tone


Possible yearbook photo

Another favorite, we ordered a 20x24 canvas of this one
I truly will run out of room on my walls! Besides, it's got to be better than mine. Studio shot, with masking tape rolled up under my collar to keep it down and the photographer didn't even tell me.

1976....Isn't she lovely?


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bill said…
All nicely done. And your gal is beautiful. And you've every right to be proud. And before long some guy will come for her and carry her away and make you a MIL.
Claire King said…
Lovely...both of you!
D. Duplessis said…
WOW!!! My heartiest congrats on not only that 400 article milestone, but on having such a nice and lovely looking daughter! You must be so proud. Those are terrific photos...did you take those?
L. Havranek said…
Congratulations on your 400th blog!! Very nice pictures of two pretty young ladies. I'm sure your very proud of your daughter.
Beautiful, and obviously takes after her Mother.
kden said…
No David, I wish I was that good. We hired a professional. This time only comes once and I wanted her to have the best ;-)
Grumpy said…
Great pictures. I love the one in the field with the cloud formation.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! For both having such a beautiful daughter (both inside and out), and on your 400 posts. I've enjoyed reading every single one of them!
Mr. Shife said…
Love all of the pictures. Yes I said all of them. You look a lot better than me in 1976. Great job and congrats.

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