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Just a bunch of stuff that wouldn't be very interesting subjects on their own. Not that they'll be interesting anyway.....

~~First of all, I'm sorta feeling better. I went back to Curves, but it took three full weeks since I fell. The first time, I skipped a few arm machines. The second time I added them in and felt good at the time, but the next day I suffered greatly. I was going to go to Zumba last night but our instructor was sick. I ws pretty hesitant to go anyway so maybe a few more days of waiting will be good.

I made a Dr. appointment, then cancelled it, then regretted it. I did fill out an online contact form for a local attorney, just to get some advice in the case that I did have to go to the doctor but they never called me. Just as well I guess. I've got to say that other than the surgeries I've had, this has kept me down longer than anything else that's ever happened to me. I had no idea it would take this long and am surprised by how much pain I'm still in. One day my husband mistakenly said to me, "You need to work through the discomfort." Discomfort? Is that what we call it these days? He came very close to having his name in the obits that day.

~~I found a cool website, Myxer, where you can buy ringtones or wallpapers (which I wouldn't pay for), get free ringtones (most are lame), and even make your own. That part was fun. You can upload a song or pic from your computer, then choose a part of that song/pic and send it to your phone. Daughter and I have been having fun making new ones for ourselves. Now I just need people to call me! One thing I noticed is that if your phone isn't in the dropdown list (like hubbys), you have to use a different phone that is on the list to do what you want, and then text the ringtone to the poor soul.

~~We learned that although our dog Nellie is getting older, she's still got some fight in her. Hubby and I were taking a walk one evening and started to walk past a house we normally do. I know they have dogs and I saw the garage open and the owner outside. I stopped and she had her kids grab the dogs and she said it was OK to go. All of a sudden one of them came running out of the garage toward us. For a fat English Bulldog he was fast! They did a little dance the way dogs do and Nellie turned to let him know she wasn't having it. We didn't find this out until later but as she turned she bit him. Then he retaliated and grabbed onto her neck and wouldn't let go. It was a harrowing couple of minutes for sure. Hubby was wresting with him trying to get him to open his jaws. Finally he released and as we were checking her over, hubby still had him on the ground in a choke hold.

I called the owner on Memorial day to tell her that Nellie was OK and she was very relieved. She said her and the kids were very upset and felt bad that Nellie might have been hurt. Then she told me about the bite wound on her dogs face and a bruise on his neck. Well, now we felt bad. I bought some cookies and sent hubby over to apologize for his part. She wasn't mad and agreed that she would have done the same exact thing if the situations would have been reversed. So all is well on that front, it could have turned out a lot worse.

~~Nellie felt so good on Memorial day that we went for a hike and then had a picnic. We've driven by the area many times but never hiked it. Gentle up and down hill trails next to the river with sounds of birds and sightings of Marmots; it was a nice walk. When she's out like that, she takes the lead and mows anyone down that's in her way. But when we get home, she collapses on the floor and it's time for pain medication.

~~The neighbors kitty-corner from us with the dogs we reported have moved them around to the front yard. Just bam, and they were gone. I don't know if animal enforcement was that slow in getting to them or if someone else complained but it has been so nice. I think the dogs are a lot happier too, they have a porch to be on, instead of sitting in the hot sun with no shelter. I rarely hear a peep out of them. This could turn out to be a very nice quiet summer!

~~I've been entering a contest and would like you to keep your fingers crossed for me. It's the 3rd year this is being held and it's sponsored by Henry Weinhards and the winner will get a trip for two to Alaska to spend the weekend with Captain Keith Colburn of Deadliest Catch. I know, I'm a dork, but I really want this. I'm not a big fan of Keith but would so love to go to Alaska and spend some time on a crab boat. It's basically a cheesy contest to be a Greenhorn For A Day, which will be a photo op and a crab dinner with the crew. I can enter daily clear until the end of August and the trip will be in the first week of October. So come on and show me some love and root for me ;-)

~~We saw Hugh Laurie in concert this past weekend, after getting tickets three months ago. The wait seemed long. Although it's a small theater, we were in the balcony, row Q. Good thing I brought my binocs. We enjoyed it though. He sings the blues, but older blues with a New Orleans influence. Some were familiar standards and others I've never heard before. His rendition of songs were something and he sang "Swannee River", like I've never heard done before. His band consisted of 5 men, with no one under 50. But boy did they know how to raise the rafters.

I think it's funny that whenever we go to any event, my husband always gets stuck sitting next to a giant guy. Both of them had to scrunch up and looked very uncomfortable. I always get stuck behind some woman who moves her head around constantly and then she felt compelled to fluff her hair every 5 minutes. So I had to adjust my head to accomodate hers which I'm sure pleased the person behind me. And of course daughter is just fine sitting in the middle.

What I find so cool about my daughter is that she loves older music. It's not like we played it a lot while she was little but I guess she just has good taste. On her FB page a few nights prior, her friends were talking about going to the LMFAO concert. I've seen them on TV and they're ridiculously stupid. What a waste of money and brain cells to listen to their crap. Daughter likes jazz, blues, Ol' Blue Eyes, and Deano. Our vacations would not be complete if we don't listen to Frank Sinatra on the road; that's our traveling music ;-)

Well I better wrap this up before it turns into a Novella, a very un-interesting one.


That was a very interesting read. I'm intrigued by the dog wrestling. I knew Hugh Laurie sings the blues but haven't listened yet. I'll have a look on youtube, Pleased to hear you are improving healthwise. Hope Nelly is good too.
Grumpy said…
I really hope you win the trip to Alaska; I know how much you love the show. Maybe you'll get to meet some of the other captains.
bill said…
Good blogging. It would be fun to win a trip to Alaska. That was a bad dog experience you had.I would have loved the concert. I'm a Blues guy and you can't get much more bluesy than New Orleans blues.
Mr. Shife said…
I got my fingers crossed. I am glad you are feeling a little better and hope that you keep heading in the right direction. If it wasn't for my love of bassets, I would have a bulldog as a pet. I don't know what it is but I love the dogs with stubby legs. Hope you have a great weekend.
Claire King said…
My fingers are crossed for you!
bill said…
By the way I thought i saw that bulldog on a skateboard the other day and later taking a wave on a board. Surely not.

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