Meet Bridget Brown

My high school yearbook was small, the front and back covers were thicker than the pages they held. Our daughter's yearbook on the other hand is so big, 250 pages long. Putting together a yearbook is more challenging too, having to use special software to build them. The pages usually center around a theme. I'm not sure if I really like this years theme though, the cover looks like an old fashioned safe with a flap that covers part of the book and has a picture of a combination type lock. The major font used throughout was called Robin Hood, and it's very hard to read. And depending on what color the background page is, it can make it even harder to read.

But still, it's very exciting to get your yearbook at the end of the year and look for all of the group pictures you're in. Since my daughter isn't in sports, choir, cheerleading, dance, etc..... there are not many group pictures with her in them. There was only two, one for the National Honor Society and the other for the Invisible Children club. Last year when group pictures were taken, everyone in the group turned in a list with their names on them. Apparently they didn't do that this school year and just relied on the Yearbook class to figure out who everyone was.
There's Miss Bridget, bottom row second from the right

Imagine our surprise when we turn to the Invisible Children picture and find her name to now be Bridget Brown. Huh? At first we thought her name was just transposed with another girl perhaps in another photo. It happened a lot this year. Some guy's picture with a girl's name under it. So the kid goes  back to the index, where every student that has a picture is listed, and what page the picture is on. Bridget Brown doesn't exist, she is not a student, they made up the name. Huh? How in the Hell does a team of people working on a yearbook make up a name when clearly it would have been so easy to ask another person or the teacher that was in the photo. There were several people in the Yearbook class that know her.  It sounds to me like it was done on purpose. But why? Whether it was a mistake or not, it would be a lame excuse on how it happened. Sure, she's not one of the 'popular kids', but come on people, you can do better than that. At least give her a cool Italian name like Annalisa Filangieri or something.

It's not an easy class to get into; my daughter knows this firsthand. She wants to take this class next school year. First she had to fill out an application and only had two days to do it. She needed a teacher's recommendation and had to write a small essay and tell of her qualifications/experience for the job per se. Then she had to be available for a 3 day camp held the week after school was out.

She finally got all of her papers turned in and got a chance to talk to the teacher. The teacher seemed surprised that this mistake could have happened and told her that she would be a good one for the job to make sure that this didn't happen next year. So yes, she got in and is excited but a little nervous too. I think she'll do great though and it will be good experience for her. And I know she will do her best so that no one gets Bridget Browned next year.


Grumpy said…
Kids think they're being funny, never considering that it's a real person they're hurting.
bill said…
A terrible thing for whatever reason. After a screw up like this one she should be guaranteed a spot in the class. Fingers crossed things will work out.
I see her. She's the prettiest one there.
Peruby said…
Similar stuff happened in my yearbook. Petty jealousy abounds.
Claire King said…
I'm sorry this happened to your daughter. Pretty crummy thing, when a simple question to other participants would have solved it. Good for her for forging ahead.
Mr. Shife said…
I think Miss Bridget Brown looks quite awesome, and it sounds like she is not letting it get her down. The people that did it are the ones who peak in high school and the rest of their life is all downhill. Have a good weekend.
kden said…
I think you're right Mr. Shife. They will take shortcuts their entire life and not take the steps to do a job right.

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