Fake TV

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I usually don't fall for too many 'As Seen On TV' types of ads, but since we're going on vacation soon I wanted a little something extra than lights on timers. Since our thieving arsonist neighbor moved away though I feel better about leaving but still six days is a long time to keep your house unoccupied.
Have you seen the commercial for the Fake TV? It's a small but mighty device with 12 LED lights made to flicker, fade, and change colors to look like your house has a TV on at night.  On the newer model is a switch so you can change it from On, Dusk +4hrs, Dusk +7, and Off.

I always look at reviews first before I buy anything and I couldn't see anything negative said about the device so I bought it. Some have bought it in conjunction with a motion sensored barking dog alarm but since we're not going to be gone that long, I passed on that. So for 35 bucks plus shipping I've just bought a little more piece of mind.

You need to place it somewhere so that if anyone did look in a window they couldn't see the device itself. That really wasn't easy but I think we found a good spot and as we walked around the house with all the lights off, we could see flickering in all of the windows except the front but I think that's because the porch light was on. It will not come on if you have your lights on all night, it has to be very dark. So we're going to set the lights to go totally off around midnight and then the TV will start up and run for 4 hours.

It got a little test run last weekend when we were gone for a night. Since no one broke in, I'd like to think it was all because of the my new Fake TV. Anyone want to borrow it for your next vacation?


fernvalley01 said…
sounds interesting , I am not able to go away without leaving someone here to care for the stock so my house is rarely empty ,but if it was...
Grumpy said…
No, but Bill and I are backing a truck up as I speak.
kden said…
Then you can just head straight to the dump Grumpy, 'cause it's all crap anyway, except for my laptop and I'm taking that with me!
bill said…
There goes my chance at mobile computing.
Claire King said…
What will they think of next?

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