Why Do They Make Me Do It?

I'm going to apologize right off the bat; because I'm writing about my neighborhood....again. I know, it gets old for me too. I really do like some of my neighbors, they are responsible adults who care about the state of their yard and what others have to look at and listen to.

Kitty-corner from us is a rental house and I briefly wrote about the new people right after vacation last year. Since last August we've had to listen to their barking dogs and watch their yard fill up with crap. I don't think they work but they come and go more than anyone else in the neighborhood. But can they see and hear? I'm starting to have my doubts.

Not this bad, thank God!
Why can't people hear that their dogs are barking nonstop when I can hear it just fine clear across the street. And get them fixed for God's sake, they're so busy humping each other I don't think they know which end is up. The yard is so full of crap, the two little girls play in another neighbors' yard. But when two large couches landed in the back, where they park their car I had seen enough. I usually do the dirty deed, but I convinced hubby to call Code Enforcement to file a complaint. They sent papers and he filled them out. After they were received they acted pretty quickly. Within a week, the couches were gone and although the Christmas tree is still dead in the yard, most of the stuff is at least stacked neatly against the garage. But, why did WE have to complain for it to be done?

I'm assuming they're half-way smart people, but maybe I shouldn't assume as much if they can't look out the window and see how bad their yard looks. Or maybe they just don't care. It seems no one has pride in their property anymore. When we used to rent, we made our place look just as good as if we owned the place, that's why our landlord loved us and didn't want us to move.

With nice weather coming we're looking forward to being outside or at least having the doors open while in the house. It's so hard to enjoy either while listening to barking dogs. I can hear them with the door shut, sitting in my living room with the TV on. So another call had to be made. Hubby called Animal Control to file a complaint. They're very nice and said they would visit the house within a week. If the barking continues though we would have to take it a step further and get two other neighbors to corroborate the barking with specific days and times. I've tried that before with the next door neighbor and nobody wanted to get involved. But again, why do WE have to complain for anything to be done? What has happened to common decency and being polite to those that live around you?

When the two little girls play outside no one is ever with them. I would guess them to be about 4 and 6. When they come across the alley to the other neighbors' yard, they sometimes come all the way up to the corner, way out of site of their house. It would take mere seconds for someone to pull up and grab them.

So God please let them be responsible parents so I don't have to call someone about that too.


Grumpy said…
Your first mistake is assuming they're "half way smart". Keep complaining until you get action.
bill said…
I agree. You have every right to complain. No doubt these people are violating several city ordinances in addition to offending your sensibilities. I would not apologize for writing too much about your neighborhood. I think it was W. Somerset Maugham, who I'm sure you know was an English writer, told a young writer in Chicago who complained he couldn't find anything to write about, He said, "Young man in my country I have to go all over it to find a story. Here, you have a story on every block." The point being, I guess, to write whatever and wherever you find a story.

Forgive the long commit, but when I first read your story I wanted to commit on why your neighbors are the way they are, sort off like a reverse argument. That would have been longer still. And I might be wrong. Still it is my tendency.
Grumpy is right, they are not halfway smart. They are either too stupid to give any thought to others or else they just don't care. I don't know them of course, but they do seem to be as thick as two short posts.
Ahhhhh! I have a neighbor that got their kids a dog 3 months ago. The dog is left in a cage in the backyard (which is right outside my bedroom window). Barks constantly. I never hear anyone out there with it ever.

I totally feel your pain.
D. Duplessis said…
Oh do I feel your pain. Neighbors suck. It's not an exaggeration when I say that every time I go out and mow or work in my front yard, my neighbor from across the street will mill about in his drive-way and make these gawd awful retching noises and then expectorate into his lawn. He will do this for minutes on end, then smoke a cigarette, then expectorate, then smoke, etc. etc. Drives ya nuts! I've waved and tried to be friendly, but I don't think he understands English because he just stares at me with a look of boredom and expectorates into his lawn. I can't wait until I move out to the country!

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