Who Are They And Why Don't They Speak?

I've been blogging for a little over 4 years now. I have also gathered some followers along the way. Some have come and gone, some are still with me, but most of them have never said 'Boo!'

I've looked at some of their profiles, some are new bloggers, some are not. Some have even stopped blogging with posts clearly a few years old. And quite a few are from foreign countries and I can't understand what they write. They haven't said 'Boo!' either, in whatever language they speak.

I've never really been into the whole stats thing, it could tend to make you crazy if you started following them and where your readers are coming from. Recently I saw I had several traffic sources from a site I wasn't familiar with so I clicked on it. It was a porn site! Huh? How in the heck does that work? It surely isn't a place I've been to so how can they be referring to me? See, all that can drive you crazy real quick.

But what really baffles me is if I can have 1,147 page views last month (or 54 yesterday), why isn't anybody saying anything? Or of those that are following me, I only hear from the usual 4-6 people (who I dearly appreciate). I have gone to followers' blogs and commented but never feel the love coming back to me. So why bother following me in the first place?

Say anything... try "You suck", or "You're soooo cute and funny Kden", but say something! I don't bite. Don't let the bitchy armour fool you, I'm not all gangsta like I'd like to believe, ha. I'm actually quite shy and reserved and have been told that I'm nice on occasion. 

Maybe I have an inferiority complex but I'd really like to think that if anybody is taking the time to stop by then they can at least say 'Boo'.


D. Duplessis said…
You're soooo cute and funny Kden!

Writing comments takes time and a lot of folks don't really know what to say, what to write, and so they don't.

I've talked with people via phone or Facebook who literally will tell me they read my blog articles, but just don't leave comments.

I read probably 20-30 news stories and blog articles a day, almost all of them I could leave a comment on, but only rarely do I ever do it.

Getting comments outta readers can certainly be a struggle! But look on the bright side...at least you get some comments!
bill said…
boo...ooo...ooo. I'm not at all sure how the world works... since I just live here, but all those figurines that show up on the Google bus and present themselves as page views are really shadow ghosts, designed, so to speak, to make us think someone from far away places are interested in what we have to say and have come, through no doubt, hardship and sacrifice, or for no other purpose than to devour our every word, to live and thrive on our wisdom. So realizing now they come to gorge themselves on your dispensed knowledge, occasionally give them a pearl, something they can share with the folks back home, whomever those folks may be and rejoice among themselves for stealing what you freely give. They could even, like me, become a fan. And if they do they become your muse and your words and your writing will flow smoothly from your mind to your fingers and onto the page of life and you will be glad. And so will we all, for we learn from each other. Or something like that. Perhaps someone else can offer a better explanation, for I have no other earthly idea why page views come and they go and they do not speak.
Grumpy said…
Which is why I took Sitemeter down. People from all over the world; mostly they're flipping through blogs like one flips through channels on the TV. I think I'll just be happy with the 4-6 regulars I do have.
bill said…
How do you take it down?
kden said…
Sitemeter? I don't know, I've never used it (I don't think).
bill said…
I presume every one is using the new blogger dashboard. That's where they show up. I don't know or think I have a site-meter. Just statistics or the new Dashboard.
You've upset me now. Here's me thinking it was just you and me.
That was me making a joke by the way. About comments. I have several followers who I see regularly when I'm out, they all say how much they enjoy my blog. When I ask why they don't comment they nearly all say they are too busy. One or two of them say its because my blog is rubbish. Such jokers!
One last thing kden before I run out of space. If you switch off the word verification, more people will leave a comment. For instance I can hardly decipher todays words. Sometimes it take several tries before I get it right. I'm going to get it right this time.
kden said…
Yes, I'm using the new dashboard Bill and I really like it, especially the more blogs you have, it keeps them tidy. But yes the stats irritate me.

John, I didn't realize my comments had word verification. I'll look into it. I like to see my comments before I publish to keep spammers away. Can you delets comments easily if you just let them through and they're spam?
I am guilty! I am more of a blog stalker...not a commenter (if that is a word).

I will work very hard to stop stalking you and leave silly comments from here on out.
kden said…
I was hoping you didn't think I was writing about you Chanin! I wrote this a few weeks before I started looking through my followers and found you. But I'm glad you will come out of hiding now and then ;-)

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