What Did I Get Myself Into?

With my daughter set to graduate next year, I wanted to do something to help out the group that makes it possible for them to have an awesome Grad Night party. It was so much easier to join groups in grade school; you knew parents for 7 years and the kids usually grew up together. Then they split off in Middle School and some rejoin in High School.

But anyway, I took a gulp and dove in to join. We had our first meeting a few weeks ago. This meeting was only attended by the Moms but I know the Dads jump in when needed. They all seemed to know each other because they had other kids in high school and have done these events before. I felt like a virgin. The overnight party has always been held at the school and no expense has been spared to make sure they have a great time. Some years parents have raised up to 40K and given away prizes such as TV's, X-Boxes, and cash. A few years ago though because of the school renovations they had the party at another location and it was a big hit. The party went back to the school a year or two later.

The pro's of having it at the school is mostly sentimental; the kids will be spending the last time together with their friends on their own turf. But it's more expensive, a lot more. And because of that, it's more work to raise the money. The group is already split on where to have it. And both sides are adamant.

The other location proposed is a brand new Y which they could have all to themselves including the pool. That would only run about 2K and any other money could still be spent on fun things and prizes.

We're supposed to take a vote at the next meeting. I'm scared. I don't know where I stand and feel like I've stepped in the middle of a mine field. I asked the kid what SHE wants, she doesn't have a clue either. She doesn't really like to swim, well because she can't very well and I'd probably rather have her not anyway. So I'm asking her to ask her friends to see what they want.

The woman who is chairing for now said that if it's going to be at the school then she won't chair. Another woman was almost in tears explaining why it should be at the school. I can see the lines drawn in the sand. I know I sure don't want to chair or be a head of a committee, that's not why I wanted to join. As one other woman said, 'I want to be a worker bee'. I don't mind working hard, I just don't want to make the decisions. So I'm sure as this develops over the next year you'll be hearing more about it. If I stay......


Grumpy said…
Somehow I get the feeling it would be more fun for the kids if the grown-ups would stay out of it.
kden said…
Oh, no can do Grumpy. The parents are the ones that raise all the money; it's a gift for the kids. One parent asked if maybe the kids could be asked to help with fund raising and you'd think she had asked to slaughter seals or something. It just isn't done. So the whole night couldn't be done without the parents.
D. Duplessis said…
For me it would be about the money, but I'm a whore like that. :-)

If the group didn't have to shell out a lot of cash for a venue, but could instead spend all that wonderful cash on prizes and things directly for the kids, I'd say that's where I'd lean.

They've spent "x" amount of years at that school...I'm betting a lot of them would love to be somewhere else having a party for a change.
fernvalley01 said…
Never fails when folks are planning things , it becomes way more about the "event " than the kids.And so emotional! "my way or the Highway" Yeesh! I would think , costs need to stay low and as D Dupliessis said , they already spent so much time at the school, how about a change
I think both sides should don boxing gloves and slug it out in the ring. Winners get to choose. Only joking!
kden said…
It might come to that John!
Mr. Shife said…
I certainly don't envy your position and I am certainly not looking forward to dealing with parents like this as Kyle gets older. Hope everything goes well and everyone is happy with the decision. Good luck.
L. Havranek said…
Ah, the joys of trying to get anything accomplished by a committee! Shouldn't the decision as to the venue be left up to the kids? The party is in fact for them.
kden said…
I'm not sure Loren, since I've only been to one meeting. I thought someone said that they will get a vote, I just don't know at what point.

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