We interupt our regularly scheduled blog posts to bring you a special news announcement.

Kden has fallen, fallen hard. No not for another man, or ice-cream, or the new fitness craze. But rather she has fallen on a hunk of cement, which some of us use for sidewalks.

It happned on Monday of this week. Her and her husband were walking one of the many routes they travel with their faithful mutt Nellie. He pointed out up ahead that someone had a dog. They are always alert of dogs on their walk so they can move accordingly. Being alert of what was in front of her instead of what was below her, caused her to trip over a sidewalk which had a raised edge due to large tree roots.

She recalls holding her right arm out to catch herself and yelling, but it didn't work; down she went. Like a stubby redwood she crashed down entirely on her right side. She felt her shoulder smash into the sidewalk and the pain reverberated throughout her entire body. The breath was knocked out of her so she lay on the sidewalk for several minutes telling her husband not to touch her. He's heard that before. All she could see from that position was her husband's feet and the bag of dog poop that he had dropped to aid in her rescue. She wondered if those were the last things she would see here on earth. She has no recollection if she still was holding Nellie's leash or not. Nellie seemed more concerned on why they weren't moving, she hates when that happens.

In the distance she could hear three women yelling, "Is she OK? do you need us to call 911?" Kden told her husband to tell them no, that she was alright. She was darn right embarassed!! She was finally able to haul herself up off the ground and she slowly started walking and trying to gather her wits. I think she left some of them on the sidewalk. As they walked past the ladies, they said thank you and they asked if Kden had tripped on the raised sidewalk. At least they had witnesses.

The pain began to set in before they even got home and the poor woman plied herself with Advil, since there was no booze in the house and she still had to go to work. The day was unpleasant to say the least and she was not able to go to her favorite exercise class.

By Tuesday Kden felt a little better and was able to go for three walks that day. Maybe she overdid it because today she feels worse and is now getting a little concerned. Pain and burning sensations in her neck, right shoulder blade, and lower back. Her right hip feels bruised and her brain feels scrambled. No Zumba for her again tonight.

2 1/2 inches of Hell
Her husband and her drove to the house to get the address of the witness and the crappy sidewalk house as well as to take a picture of it. Kden was very nervous and didn't want to get caught by the homeowner so they just took a quick shot and limped back to the car. She has been documenting everything everyday, just in case she needs it. Her memory is not so good you know, and will probably be worse from now on.

Now she is torn, does she wait a few days before calling her doctor? You know she doesn't have medical insurance don't you? What if the doctor tells her she needs x-rays or something. Does she start looking for attorneys? Did you know that these accidents are actually called "slip and falls?". She doesn't know what to do, but today is the first day she cried because it hurts so much.

Since she can't ask this herself, this fine reporter would like to ask her friends if they've gone through something like this and can give her some advice. She realizes she is probably just being a big baby and will probably feel better tomorrow. Her husband said he would use his magic hands on her tomorrow and that should help some.

It's a darn good thing she's got some posts built up because she's feeling neither charming or witty. And this fine reporter noticed that spell check is not working; but we don't care.


bill said…
Kden, I think you'd know by now if you're hurt seriously enough to require medical attention. Chances are you're going to be sore and bruised, and maybe skinned up, but that's something you can take care of at home. You don't need a doctor for that. It was an accident. Unworthy of a lawsuit. You've probably got grounds if you're wanting to sue and no doubt you can find an attorney who would take the case. But for just a minute, put the shoe on the other foot. Then make your decisions. Personally, based on what you've said, I think I'd take my licks, tend my bruises and hope I don't do it again. That's my take. Others may have a different POV.
fernvalley01 said…
OUCH!!! Hope you are OK soon.No idea about a lawsuit, but I think the cement needs to be repaired, it could have been worse
Claire King said…
OMG kde. So sorry to hear of your fall. Get plenty of rest and let your hubby spoil you for a few days and see how you feel then. Doctor's orders:no housework, no job, no bath soaks and relaxing, smelly candles. Housework can wait. Not sure of the lawsuit thing..tough decision.
kden said…
OK, I need to explain this whole lawyer idea. I am not a sue happy person, I HATE those kind of people. But when someone doesn't have insurance, the fear is real when you are sick or hurt. When one doctor appointment can lead to another and another and another, it can cause financial devestation.

If this is the case, who will pay for it, the person that fell or the person who can't maintain their property? When someoneone is in this position, they don't think rationally, especially out of fear.

So believe me, I don't have a lawyer on speed dial, it's only something that keeps me awake at night when the fear sets in.
D. Duplessis said…
Good lord, Kden! I hope you're feeling better today! And, speaking as someone who doesn't have insurance either, I can relate to your fear, hesitation, etc.

As far as the lawyer ex went through something similar and she was able to find an attorney here that provided a free consultation. And it was good for her just to have someone outside of the situation, who knew the law, the changes of winning a case, etc. etc to talk with.

So that's my two cents...see if there's an attorney you can chat with for free, explain the situation to them, and see what they recommend.

If nothing else, you'll have piece of mind that you actually spoke with a professional about your situation.

And I hope you get feeling better real soon!
kden said…
Thanks David for your take and understanding of where I'm coming from.
Hope you are feeling better now. I think it is best to see a doctor just so you have a record of the incident. My fitness jogging came to an end when I was side swiped by an out of control dog. Wish I had done something about it at the time.
Grumpy said…
Check and see who is responsible for sidewalk maintenance in your area, the city or the homeowner. Send the responsible party a picture of the sidewalk along with a description of your injuries and ask them to cover your medical expenses. Imply that you have consulted an attorney and that will be the next voice they hear.

Either way, if the pain persists, see a doctor.
Mr. Shife said…
Hope you are feeling better and I am so sorry you are in a lot of pain. If you are still hurting several weeks later then I would definitely think about talking to a lawyer. I am sure you are documenting everything just in case this is the route you have to take. Take care, kden.

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