Mock Crash

Sometimes it's interesting to live next door to a high school. Last month, with the help of the drama students and city fire/police, two schools in our area put on a Mock Crash demonstration. They've been done for years and depict a night of drinking on Prom night.

I walked across the street as they were setting up and then stayed for the activity.

The first thing I saw, which gave me the willies. They backed it up into the alley so it would be out of sight.

Getting the cars in place, right outside of the main doors.

Getting blood make up on. The man and boys were family of the 'dead' girl on the car.
Juniors and Seniors came outside to this accident, after watching a moving true story presentation.

Mostly somber faces, not counting the fools who thought it was funny.

Friends yelling at the drunk kid (in middle) for causing the accident

Other friends show up and are in disbelief

Fire trucks and ambulance arrive and more yelling at the drunk kid

One victim is removed from the car and the boy is given a field sobriety test.
He fails the test and is arrested for DUI.

The Medical Examiner and hearse arrive

The first of two bodies are loaded into the hearse

This kid is lucky, he only gets a ride to the hospital

These kids get a ride to the morgue

The mournful tune of the bagpiper plays as he parts the crowd and heads into the building where a funeral is held. Each student is given a funeral program with the two dead students' name on them.

Growing up, my high school was small so I don't recall this ever being done. But I do remember one student that did die in an alcohol related death, and his car was left on main street for all to see as a reminder.

Did it help me then, or will this mock crash presentation help students now? I admit it didn't change much for me as a teen. I still drank and drove, up until my 20's probably, even after I was in a horrible accident as a passenger of a drunk driver. I was only 16 and am lucky to have survived. I cringe at my stupidity now.

One person said it will only made an impact for those that wouldn't do it in the first place. I tend to agree with that thinking. When my daughter was in grade school she went to a summer camp and they took a field trip to Juvie Hall. She said it scared the crap out of her. But it only added to her conviction that she would never do anything to get her there in the first place. I don't think the Lemonade Kid, who is now sitting there for arson, would have taken the field trip seriously.

But I think the schools and authorities do the best they can because kids are going to do what they're going to do. But if even a few kids get something out of it, then it's worth it.


fernvalley01 said…
you never know who will be impacted by these things, if it touches just one person who might later think twice about drinking and driving it is worth it (IMO)
bill said…
I've never known a school to do this. I've seen wrecked cars that teens were killed in, parked in front of schools, or parked somewhere on the main drag. I think it would depend on the individual how they were influenced, if at all. What you described might be more effected. I agree if one accident was avoided, it's worth it. If it caused students to pause and think about drinking and driving, something good has been done.
Well worth all the effort I would say.
Hope you are well.
Grumpy said…
When I think of all the times I drove drunk when in my 20's I'm amazed to be alive. Now I won't have a single drink with dinner if I know I'm driving afterward.
kden said…
It is nice to know that we've smartened up Grumpy.
bill said…
So how you doing kden? Are you still battered up by the fall. I hope you're on the mend.
kden said…
Bill, thanks for asking. Yes, I think I'm going to make it. Still can't get to my club to exercise but feel I'm about 70% better. I'm sure there will be another blogging story about it later ;-)
L. Havranek said…
It's great to see a community getting together to show the kids what even one night of poor judgement can cause. I'm also guilty of driving impaired, but now I stay in the safety of my home if I'm going to be drinking. Hope you're feeling better!!

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