Do You Wanna Take A Trip Around The World?

For those of you with a wonderlust spirit, this is a fun blog to follow. His name is Darby Roach and he lived in Seattle, Wa., before he sold or gave away all of his worldly goods to ride his bike around the world. There seems to be no reason for it except for the adventure. He's now 62 and he'll make most of the trip by himself, which he estimates will take 3 years. He did have a partner for the first week or so, but now he's on his own. You can follow his daily posts written from his Ipad and when he can catch WiFi.

I found him through a local news station,  where his daughter is a reporter. He rode through town at the near beginning of his journey and I got hooked on reading about his travels. Before this trip he biked a lot of the areas we have vacationed at, so it's cool to see the perspective of the bikers we often pass on the road.

You can see the route he's going to take and since his trek is only about 3 weeks in, you can start following him now and enjoy the trip around the world.

Oh, I almost forgot another way to travel around the world, but you get to hear the drama unfold rather than read about it. My daughter's long distance boyfriend gave me the link to Radio Reference recently when her school was in lockdown after an armed robbery took place across the street from the school. Each class's door immediately locked and they didn't really know what was going on. She announced it on FB, which alerted him and he listened in and was able to tell her via text what was going on, all in a matter of minutes. I love technology! Anyway, Radio Reference is an online radio communications data provider. Meaning-you can listen to police and fire scanners in your area or around the world.

I haven't totally checked the entire site but I'll tell you how to listen in to your community. Click on the Live Audio tab at the top of the page and choose 'Live Audio Home'. Its default is set to the United States but you can choose other countries in the drop down menu on the right. Click on your state from the map. Then click on the county your cite resides in. Ignore any download buttons. Follow down the page to look for the live feed listing in your area. Depending on the size of your city, not all channels are online all the time. In our area we have the train rail channel and our local county's law, fire and EMS channels. There is another smaller channel from out of town but I'm not interested in that.

Look under the 'player' section and choose from the dropdown list which player you want to hear the feed on. Most people I assume have Windows Media, so that's what I use. Only if you have NO player to listen with, you will want to download their own web player. Once you choose your player, go to the left and click on the speaker and the player will open and you'll be able to hear your local scanner.

If you live in a small town, their might not be much available to you. But it's fun to listen to while surfing the web and if you've got time to kill. Sometimes I listen at night with my earphones so hubby can't hear. He likes to use a regular scanner and if he knew he had this available to him, he'd want to listen in. So ssshhhhhhh, it's our little secret.


Grumpy said…
Hey, Tony, Denise has a secret.
bill said…
I'll definitely check out the Radio Reference. I used to be a biker, a short ride biker. Anything over twenty-five miles was hard on me so I never wanted to ride around the world. Everything I do now is past tense.
I won't tell a soul. I'm off to check out Darby.
Jenny Woolf said…
Something nice about taking off on a bike, the world becomes a timeless place. If it was me I wouldn't bother to blog, shows what lazy ole thing I am. OTOH I would go with company, not entirely on my own.

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