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My husband's ex-wife lives in as assisted living facility because she can't really take care of herself fully. She's been there about 2 months and has staff come in to do laundry and probably help with bathing also.

My step-son came over a week or so ago to take our daughter to a movie and relayed this hilarious but scary story. The day before he had just gotten to work and the facility called him and asked if he was sitting down. He was kind of annoyed that they would bother him at work and thought it was kind of a stupid question.

The woman on the phone said that she was very sorry to tell him but his mother had passed away earlier that morning, they just found her in bed with the T.V. on. Of course he started crying immediately and they asked if he wanted them to call his brother in California. He said yes, and proceeded to text his girlfriend to tell her the bad news. They also asked what kind of preparations he had made and who should they call? He had no idea of what to do or who to call.

Within 5 minutes, the facility called back to tell him that she wasn't dead after all, just in a very deep sleep that 2 people could not wake her from. They both took her pulse and could not find any. They left the room to call 911 and in the meantime she wakes up and goes in to take a pee and is sitting on the toilet with the door open when paramedics come in. "Hey, Excuse Me!", she yells from the commode, seeing strange men in her apartment.

He had to immediately text his girlfriend back and reach his brother to tell them of the screw up.
I guess there are occasional times when she goes into such a deep sleep that she can't be woken up from. She didn't remember anyone trying to wake her earlier.

Can you imagine? "Hey brother, Mom's dead. Oh wait, now she's not." I said it would have been funny if she'd gone out in the hall to take a walk or jump in her Hover-round to go for a spin.

The story was so funny but he was visibly shaken because the night before she wanted him to come visit and he didn't want to. So that night he was taking her out to dinner and bringing her home to his place to watch a movie and spend the night. We joined them for dinner and she asked, "Isn't it nice to know I'm not dead?"

He also realized that he has no plans in place if something did happen to her. He knows she wants to be cremated and where to be buried but that's it. This has really got him to thinking. And the facility now will implement a different protocol on how to manage these things, such as NOT calling family members until you know for sure if some one's dead or not.


fernvalley01 said…
Good Lord!!!! Poor kid! Glad she is OK, but the facility needs to be a bit more accurate before they sound the alarm, not call till an authority has pronounced the patient!
This is unbelievable ineptitude by the staff. Hilarious too. You must have a very British sense of humour kden.
Grumpy said…
Funny in retrospect, but certainly not at the time.
bill said…
That's downright inexcusable. Your step-son not the only one who didn't have a plan, neither did the assisted living facility. This should not be done until an individual is pronounced dead by a doctor. A similar incident happened with my mother, my brother was called and told our mother was expected to die with in the hour. She lived several weeks longer, but I know cthis is done all the time.
D. Duplessis said…
To quote Mark Twain, "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."
Anonymous said…
OMG! That would be horrible. But, your retell is amusing!
kden said…
Blimey! Thanks for the compliment John.
Anonymous said…
That happened to a good friend of mine concerning her brother-in-law. The hospice phoned his wife and said "XXX" is gone, but it turned out to be another guy whose name was the same. The widow-to-be took it well; they laughed about it.
Mr. Shife said…
Funny stuff after the fact, but holy cow I feel so bad for your step son. Glad everything is alright and I think the staff needs to have some training ASAP. Have a good one.

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