I Could Have Walked There And Back Quicker

We have been filing our taxes electronically through TurboTax for several years now. We also file Idaho State returns because the company my husband works for is based there. Filed at the same time, both returns are accepted almost the same time. This year our Federal was accepted on Feb. 5th and State on the 6th.

Within a respectable amount of time (nine days), we got our Federal refund. And just yesterday we finally got Idaho State to cough up a whopping $106.00; taking almost 10 weeks. It has never taken that long before.

While checking the status online, the web page will tell you that you can expect your refund in 3-4 weeks if you e-file and 10 weeks if you paper file. Then when you input your information to check further it says 7-8 weeks. Last week I checked again and it said that our return had been finished on 3-29-12 and we could expect our refund in 3 weeks. Huh? It took 7 weeks just to be processed? And just a few days ago it said that it is scheduled to be deposited, just give them about 7 more days. So 67 days in all it took to get here.

Holy cow! Are States that poor that they either don't have the manpower or the money to do a simple return and refund? I was doing some searching and ran across some people on Yahoo groups asking the same question, why it's taking Idaho so long? Then I found this just last night; the fund that pays state returns ran out out of money. Huh? The state Board of Examiners held an emergency meeting and OK'd a 30 million dollar transfer from the general fund. If they hadn't been able to do that, we could have been facing an even longer wait or IOU's like California. They said that people should only expect a few days delay. Whatever.

To get from Spokane to Boise is a distance of 371 miles. I could feasibly walk 12 miles a day which would take me 30.91 days. I'd need to rest a day or two before I collected my money and headed home. In all the round trip could take me about 63 days, still quicker by foot than it took them to direct deposit it.


fernvalley01 said…
Very true, but be late paying and see how fast they react!
bill said…
It's not the distance. It's their Priorities are on the revenue side no doubt. Refunds not as important to the revenuers. Some locals around the country are faster. I filed one time on my computer. It worked out okay but I don''t recall it being any faster that mailing the 1040. What I don't like is sending to one location if you owe money and another location if you don't or have a refund coming.

Dateline Norman. 2:35 a.m. and I'm hungry.
I think you should take that trip next time. Have some fun spending the money while you rest up.
Grumpy said…
I'll give you a $106 to see you walk to Boise.
kden said…
Grumpy, I take PayPal.

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