I Called It

Although I didn't say it, I knew it. When I wrote about the Lemonade Kids' house burning down, I knew the older kid had something to do with it. I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt because I know what it feels like to be The Accused. But in my heart I knew he did it.

Just this past weekend all of our news channels ran the story that a 13 year-old boy had been arrested at his middle school after confessing to the crime. They can't give his name but did say that 'the renter's son' came to the house through a basement window and started a fire in a bedroom. When it got out of control he ran out of the house. Really? You start a fire and think it's going to stay in a room? He will probably be charged with First Degree Arson. Not a good way to start your teen years young man.

After I read the news, hubby and I went for a walk. As we came back to the house, a car parked on the side of our house and a very pretty girl was smiling and coming to our stairs. She was looking for the house but had been in the wrong block. I pointed her in the right direction. She asked if I had been home at the time and I said No, but hubby was. She said they didn't have much for footage and could use some more and then asked if he would be willing to talk on camera so I went to get him. He said he really didn't want to but she batted her pretty brown eyes and he caved. Faith and I were yelling instructions from the door while she went to get the camera.

"Stick to the facts, don't tell her who we thought did it."

"Keep your hands in your pockets so you're not flailing your arms all around."

"Maybe change out of that disgusting jacket."

Oops too late, she's back. She filmed the piece and we all joined around the tube later that day for the news and had a good laugh. If you want to see hubby's interview, just click on the video on this page.

All kidding aside, arson is a serious crime and I'm hoping this kid takes heed and gets his life straightened out. Otherwise this will be a tough beginning to a long miserable life.


Grumpy said…
He does end up waving his arms around. Funny.
fernvalley01 said…
Maybe as young as he is there will be a chance for him to learn a better way.Off yo watch your hubbies interview now
fernvalley01 said…
Not so much waving I see just some rather large gestures lol
bill said…
Telling an Italian to keep his hands in his pockets is like shaking your finger at a tree and demanding it not grow bark. It's one of those things we learn, by being around trees and Italians, that some things are impossible... I once lived in a neighborhood that every time a crime went down, the cops came down and picked up certain individuals for questioning. I was one of those individuals. Why me? Because I rode a motorcycle and once decked a cop down on skid row. It wasn't that any off us were mean or bad or part of any criminal element. We rode bikes and lived on the wrong side of the tracks and was sixteen years old and didn't have good lawyers or something like that.
D. Duplessis said…
I think your husband looked pretty darn good. Was that you I heard yelling in the background? :-)
What a handsome man. Men with that style of beard are usually handsome. I have that style of beard.
Mr. Shife said…
The hubby did a good job. Sad indeed that a young man starts his teen years like this. Hopefully he can straighten himself out before it is too late. Have a good weekend.

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