The Cars In My Life

This is another inspired post by Bill. He recently wrote about his VW Beetle and how much he enjoys it. I've had several cars in my life but only really liked a few.

Ours was blue
After I got my license in '75 in a little farming community, I drove the family's Plymouth Fury wagon. It wasn't my car but I drove it plenty. When you live in a small town, it's nothing to hit the road and drive to the next town just for fun or out of necessity. That car and I saw a lot of drinking episodes too, but it always brought me back safe. Its gears were all push button on the dash and I've never had a car like that since. Once the reverse went out on it so anywhere I went I had to be careful where I parked so I didn't have to back out.

Same color as mine
After I moved out to go to college I didn't have a car for the first year. I chose an apartment a few blocks away from college so I could walk. It sucked. The following year I got a car from my dad, it was an AMC Hornet. It wasn't a great car, actually it was a lemon. But what made it even worse, is that my Dad made me buy it from him. It was his car and he made me buy his lemon. Nice. It was so low to the ground that I got high centered in the snow several times. I put so much money into it just to keep it running, without help from him. I finally dumped it.

My next car was a Chevy Belair. It was a 3 speed on the column, and I didn't even know how to drive it. I had 500 bucks and paid cash for it and had to have a friend with me so he could teach me how to drive it. It got me around pretty good and I had it for awhile. This car and another stupid car is how I met my husband. I was working for a man cleaning house and hubby had called this guy to get a ride somewhere. It was winter and he had a car that leaked anti-freeze so he didn't bother putting any in and the plugs blew out from freezing. When he moved in we had both cars for awhile until mine was in such bad shape that we donated it and away it went.

After this, our car ownership gets confusing and I had to ask hubby to make a list for me. Next in line was a little Subaru which we used on our honeymoon to Missoula Montana. Mid August and hotter than Hell, we drove this car across two states with no air conditioning and my newly frizzed permed hair flying in the breeze with the windows down.

That car was rear ended and we got a a little silver Toyota. This car was totalled in the winter, but at the fault of someone else. Next in line was a Ford Granada; wow we were moving up. This was a nice car and we drove it to California in 1985 with Grandma in tow. It was a fun trip even though the air conditioning went out on the way.

We then became a two car family and got rid of the Granada to get a big T-Bird for him  and a little black Subaru for me. A few years later we swapped those out for some reason for an El Dorado (I swear he liked the big pimp cars) for him and a 280 Z for me. The Z was fun to drive but since I was so short I had to bring the seat up so far that the steering wheel touched my stomach. Well normally that would not a problem, but after I got pregnant I ended up giving the Z to hubby.

He got rid of the El Dorado and one day brought me home a Mommy Van, a Mercury Villager. Most boys bring home puppies without telling mommy. My husband brought home cars. This was beginning to be a habit every few years. I loved the van though and after the two year lease we traded it in for another one. I guess that's what you do with leases, right?

By then our daughter was in a car seat which would not fit in the back of the Z so hubby would put her in the front. It was just too risky and she could reach out, touch one window, and almost touch the front window. Too tiny of a car for a baby, so I made him get rid of it. I still hear about it today but I know he would not be able to get in and out of it these days without all the grunting, groaning and grabbing his back. He then got a Buick Park Avenue.

We didn't enjoy the second Villager as much as the first and the service shop wouldn't work with us about what we thought was wrong with it so we gave it up after the lease period and got a Daewoo Wagon. By then he had moved on to a Pontiac Bonneville. We didn't enjoy the Daewoo as a family car either. It was small, the seats were hard and in general not a comfy car for travelling.

We traded the Daewoo in for what I drive now, a Dodge Caravan. We've had it for over 6 years now, the longest of any vehicle. It's very comfy, I feel safe in it and we pull out one of the back bucket seats so our dog can get in and the whole back bench seat is hers. You really have to think of the children, you know. His Bonneville was wrecked (not his fault) and now he has a Mitzubishi wagon. It has also been in an accident (his fault), but it still runs so that's what he's stuck with for now.

Finally for once in our life, both vehicles are paid for and I plan on driving my Dodge for a long time to come. So almost 20 cars in 30 years? I wouldn't recommend it.


bill said…
Enjoyed your post. You've had about as good luck with cars as I have. I remember wanting a Z-car. I worked for a company that the bosses son had a 260Z. A company sixty miles away needed some parts. Normally we shipped them by UPS or something but he was a good customer and he was my customer and I wanted to jump in the car and deliver them in person. The bosses son pitched me his keys and said, "Take my car." I drove the Z. I remember cruising out toward the highway at fifty miles an hour and and stepping on the accelerator; the car spun it's wheels in third gear. I never got one. I've had a number of dogs. In the seventies, American cars sucked.
Grumpy said…
I love reminiscing about cars I've had and I love other people's car stories. Maybe that's a post I could do.
Peruby said…
Me too, Grumpy. My brother had a hornet that he let me drive. POS!

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