What Was He Thinking?

I know I look the same as I did 30 years ago
I've known my husband for 30 years now and he's always had a mustache and beard with full sideburns. Even while married to his first wife, I've seen pictures of the same facial hair. Although greyer now, it suits him. He's got this tiny chin and now a little double-chin woggle as he's aged. Some people need facial hair.

Occasionally he would tease daughter and I about shaving off his beard, and always heard a resounding NO from us. About 6 months ago, he did shave off the sideburns making his beard more of a Van Dyke style. It looks OK, daughter didn't even notice.

But last weekend he announced to me that he was taking his beard off. I didn't say anything like I have in the past. Maybe I didn't really think he would do it. But 5 minutes later he comes out of the bathroom. I hated it, daughter screamed and he got mad at us.

After he yelled at us for hating it, he admitted he hated it too. Really? You went through all that just to confirm that you would hate your face without a beard? You could have just asked me.

I agree that it's his body and he can do with what he wants with it and blah blah blah. I don't like him telling me how I should cut my hair. My hair used to be very long and as we know most men like long hair on their women. Not sexist or anything. But as I got older and started cutting my hair he didn't like it. When I'd say that I was going for a trim, he'd freak out and say, "You're getting it CUT!!!!" Oh the drama.

My hair is straight and thick, and for about 20 years I've had basically the same short cut. It works for me, it's easy, I like it, and it looks good on me. So I know what looks good and wouldn't go do something stupid to contradict that.

He said he thought it would make him look younger, by cutting off all the grey. People already don't think he's as old as he is, so what was the point? If he had wanted a tattoo or a piercing I wouldn't have cared. But when you know something would not look good on someone, and you have told them repeatedly, and then they still do it? It makes me just want to pull my short hair out!

Since the scalping, he has not shaved and is growing it back. Lesson learned I hope.


I shaved my beard off many years ago. When I went to collect my daughter then age 7, from school she burst into tears! I hate myself without a beard, but still shave it off sometimes and then regret it.
Grumpy said…
When will he learn? You're always right.
bill said…
My wife says the opposite, "I look older with a mustache and beard. I agree. So what's the big deal. I am older. Is it some criminal act to appear old in public? Are we embarrassed to be seen with someone who appears older? There are many of us who appear more handsome with a beard. Some, less so. Maybe. I think it's merely a preference, like choosing a handbag or a scarf. To women, men are accessories. Some prefer a man with a full beard. It makes her look better. Some prefer the opposite. You're right to let him know your preference. I suppose some women don't care, "I'm stuck with the old geezer and nothing will change that..."
kden said…
Thanks for views from the guys, and Grumpy you have been trained well.
Mr. Shife said…
Sometimes men just need to discover the answer for ourselves. One of the reasons why we can never stop and ask for directions. Plus he should know by now that you are always right, right? Have a good one.
fernvalley01 said…
well I guess he had to see for himslef ! at least it looks like it will grow back fairly quickly
D. Duplessis said…
I once shaved off my facial hair, my daughter didn't want anything to do with me, and my wife at the time wouldn't kiss me until I grew it back, because my newly shaved "baby-face" reminded her of a 12 year old boy. So of course I grew it back, and never shaved it off again.

It's not really fair though. Women can change their hair color, style, etc...and we men, if we wanna "get along" better like it...or else. :-)
Nezzy said…
Awwww, sounds like a lesson was learned here.

Back in the seventies Hubs would always grow a winter beard. One spring when he had it shaved off, Geek Son went bezerk when his clean shaven daddy got in the car. Heeehehehe!!!

Have yourself an awesomely blessed day sweetie!!!

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