The Lemonade Kids Have Moved On

I call them the Lemonade Kids. And I've written about them before. But hopefully I won't have to write about them ever again.

I call them the Lemonade Kids because although they live across the street and a few houses down, they set up camp on the corner with their lemonade stand on Memorial Day weekend and didn't close shop until after school started in the fall. There are three of them, two boys and a girl. The oldest boy is 12ish and the two younger ones are 10ish. The two younger ones are pretty nice, they wave when they see us. But the older boy? He's one of those kids that when you look at him, you just see trouble. He's got that attitude and I immediately don't like him. He's a bully and would constantly pick on another boy in the neighborhood which resulted in a broken arm. Police were called and the Dad went to confront the mom of the boy and almost broke down the door--of the wrong house. The kid will also stand in the street on his way home from school, forcing cars to stop at short notice. If they honk, he flips them off. Yea, you know the type.

When they started selling lemonade, it was first just Memorial Day, and then it was the the next weekend, and then the next and it went on and on. When summer hit, it was every day. Again, it isn't really a bad thing. But I guess it's kind of boring for a kid to sit there silent all day and so they start yelling, "LEMONADE FOR SALE, LEMONADE FOR SALE, COME GET YOUR LEMONADE." Every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of the summer. It's all I see and hear when I sit in my chair.

Their little friends would often hang out with them, drinking (lemonade of course) and throwing their cups on the ground. The older brother would take his sisters money (since she often worked more than they did), so she'd cry and he'd take off to the dollar store to buy crap. Then he would start flipping off the drivers that wouldn't stop. That's when I went postal. I walked over there and told him I could see everything he was doing. I told him he should act more like his sister and he would sell more. And I said if I saw him flip off one more person I was going to go tell his dad. I don't know that I would but I think he believed me. It was better for awhile; I could see him look over my way occasionally just to see if maybe I was looking.

They kept busy and must have made a load of money over the summer. I asked the girl once what they did with their money. They said if they made a certain amount they got to keep it, but it they made more, then they had to give some to their dad for rent. OoooooK.

One weekend we saw them hauling out a lot of stuff as if they were moving. I saw the two younger kids with a woman and little one recently, and then saw her again leaving the house one day. So I'm hoping the man has found himself a girlfriend and a new mama for his kids and they hit the road. They can bless their new neighborhood with their lemonade stand.

Now if I could just get rid of my next door neighbors and their 5 dogs and the neighbors kitty-corner across from us who have a yard full of garbage and furniture, I'd be a happy girl. Really.

Since I wrote this almost a few weeks ago, even more has happened. A few days after they moved out their house got hit with graffiti pretty bad. On the back of the house and the garage door. You can tell it wasn't random tagging that goes on because there is a tall fence and gate in the alley that they would have to go through and idiot taggers don't take the time to do that. It looked pretty well targeted to them only. I saw a cop outside taking pictures so I told him that I had seen the older boy and a few girls in the yard the day before. But they had left out the back gate before the graffiti was even there. So unless he came back, it must not have been him.

But then yesterday (Friday) while I was at work, their house burned down. Hubby got one picture from our front yard, and then we walked by later that afternoon and I took one.

Well I guess they can't move back now even if they wanted to. Lets see them try and make Lemonade out of that. 


Peruby said…
My guess is they got kicked out and somebody with a grudge went back and destroyed the place.
Blimey! I'm glad you got that off your chest kden. I wont tell you what I said to the little b... who thought it was good fun to throw earth clods at my windows, but suffice to say he soon gave up that pastime.
fernvalley01 said…
My goodness! what a mess
Grumpy said…
Did they own the house or rent it? I have read of cases of people who own their homes and end up either upside down on their mortgage or foreclosed on who will then damage their homes. Burning it down seems a little extreme.
kden said…
I'm pretty sure they were renters. Some rental houses just keep getting the same types of people in.
bill said…
Maybe now there will be peace in the valley or at least on that one way street.
D. Duplessis said…
Wow...they had some really bad karma didn't they? Makes you almost feel sorta sorry for them.
kden said…
I do feel sorry for the two youngest David. Hopefully it's not too late for them to NOT grow up to be like their brother. And I am glad they weren't in the house at the time.

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