Don't Go Breakin' My heART

Last Thursday it was dark, about 7:30 pm or so. Hubby was in the bathroom getting ready for work. Daughter and I were watching TV. I heard glass break and so did hubby. Immediately I knew it was my glass totems. I peered out the window like I had night vision and could see in the dark. I should have gone out then although I know it wouldn't have helped. The next morning I peered out again and didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

Friday was such a beautiful day that we all decided to go for a walk when I got home from work. Out the front door we go and I look over and see glass in the flower bed. I walk around and see one of my totems broken, which I could not see from the window. Only one piece but it's like a piece of a puzzle. In order to repair the piece I have to take it apart, which I suppose would not be easy because it's held together with A LOT of weatherproof caulk. It could possibly cause breakage of more pieces.

So just for kicks and giggles, someone stood on the sidewalk, grabbed a rock from our rock wall and lobbed it at my art, 2 feet away from the window. Nice shot kids, you broke my heART. I still went for a walk, but cried the whole time. I think the mentality anymore is, if they can't steal it, they break it so you can't enjoy it anymore.

My brother sent me a link to a a video security system which I admit looks very tempting. The unit itself is not bad, at almost $300 bucks but you'd have to pay at least that much if not more for installation. My husband is not a DIYer. It would be nice to see a face of whoever lurks around the sidewalks or even comes into our yard.

We had a man from a fence company come by and give us estimates on different options. On the sidewalk fence we could go the same height, or 2 ft. higher with vinyl or just slat what we've got and make the end gates taller and slatted, and lockable. He'll send the estimate in a few days. I just hope it's something we can do and not have to put it on the 'maybe we'll be able to do it some day' burner. I hate those damn back burners.

As far as the totem goes, my mom suggested planting some chicken and hens in the hole of the broken vase and I might do that. Either that or some kind of ground cover. It might give it a whole cool new look and make lemonade out of lemons as she said. I sure wouldn't want to make it a habit though with all of my totems, so I just wish people would leave me and my stuff alone.


Sorry to hear about this kden. Have you thought about one of those fake security camera's with a red flashing light and a sign. Could be quite effective, and a cheaper alternative.
Grumpy said…
You can get fake security cameras fairly cheaply. They even have a blinking red light so they look real. Battery powered so all you have to do is mount it.
D. Duplessis said…
heART haters, suck! That's just horrible, but sadly, it doesn't surprise me. If it was little kids that did it, they probably weren't being critical or even thinking about the person behind the glass, they just saw a tempting target for their stones. If it wasn't kids, then they knew damn well what they were doing, and they should be horse-whipped naked through the streets of your town! (Or some other suitable punishment!)
kden said…
John and Grumpy; great minds. I bought some of those several years back. Trouble is they can't be subjected to the weather because of the batteries in them. They must also be mounted in a place where you can change the batteries. We have one up but it can't even be seen due to it's location; so what's the point if they can't see it.
kden said…
And David, I like how you think!
fernvalley01 said…
that is just plain rotten! Glad you can find a way to make it petty again but still
bill said…
Maybe it wasn't someone but something, like a cat or a dog preoccupied maybe bounced into the glass totem. Or a wild animal, skunk or raccoon. Did you see any footprints? You know some of these totems have special powers, a sort of magic. Have you seen the Navajo totems? Maybe the spirits are trying to speak to you? Did your husband get an inkling. Just saying, stranger things have happened.
kden said…
Ah Bill, thanks for keeping it light ;-)

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