Do Not Track Tip

A few of us have downloaded Do Not Track, thanks to Grumpy and Bill's recent posts about Google's new policy changes that allows them to follow us all over the web.

I now have it on both computers using Firefox and IE. Thousands of different companies have been blocked from spying on my browsing habits. One thing I did notice is that my followers on my blog disappeared as well as all of yours. At first I thought it was a Blogger problem, but didn't find anything in their recent issues.

So I opened the  little DNT + icon box from my blogs website and found that Google Friend Connect was being blocked. I unclicked it and then refreshed, and there they were. All my friends were back. If I want to see who follows you, I would have to do the same on each and every blog I go to. Or if I want to follow another blog, I first have to see other followers in order to follow. The nice thing is though, that you can always change it back to being blocked, nothing is permanant.

Maybe none of you care who is following you, but I guess I'm kind of egotistical like that. I like to see all of my followers in neat little rows, just waiting for me to say something witty.

Other than that one little thing, I like the program and feel I've done just a little to keep prying eyes outta my life.


Grumpy said…
You're right, they are gone. I hadn't even noticed.
fernvalley01 said…
hmm, I can't decide why blogger /google keeps switching it up, now cannot subscribe to comments either!
bill said…
Mine were gone too and I had not noticed. Thanks to your tip I put them back
kden said…
Like I said Guys, I guess I'm an egotist ;-) Glad I could help. Fern, I noticed they changed the comment page and yes, they took away the subscription part. I usually forgot to use it but still it was a nice feature.
I'm quite happy not to know what the hell I'm doing when I turn my computer on.
D. Duplessis said…
I'm so glad I read this! "Do Not Track" is wonderful...I'm amazed at how much crap I've blocked in the last day! Nice recommendation, thanks again!
kden said…
You're welcome David. I just learn from others and yes, it it amazing what is being blocked. Glad you like it too.
Mr. Shife said…
I will have to check on my followers after I leave my comment. I had not noticed anything until you made your comments. I did remove my web history with Google before March 1 so they will not have that at their disposal but the cynical side of me thinks they are probably tracking me with some clandestine program we don't even know about it. Hope all is well. Have a fantastic weekend.

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