Swimming In My Clothes

I have gotten rid of so many clothes this past year; both summer and winter wear. Some kind of got forgotten because they didn't quite fit into specific categories. I used to wear my t-shirts like this, long and baggy to cover up the arse. I prefer not to wear them like that anymore and was totally shocked when I put this one on today. I ordered it last spring and it was tight so wasn't even able to wear it until June. And as you can see (the back view), it's not really the kind of shirt I can wear just anywhere.

As large as it is now, I just can't part with this one. It was designed by Capt. Phil Harris (from Deadliest Catch) himself and after he died, they were being sold until they were gone, with monies going to his estate. I bought the kid and hubby different ones, but also designed by him. So some clothes can just not be parted with, even if I just end up sleeping in it. I have several favorite t-shirts from vacation spots that are now reserved for that use.

I have been in the biggest holding pattern for three months; stuck at 61 lbs. But I know I'm doing everything right so I'll just hang in there as I still have hopes to lose 10-15 more. I have upped my exercising and hitting it pretty hard 6 x a week. I'm trying to convince myself that all that muscle building up is what's holding off the pounds dropping, ha. I'm hoping that Spring will kick up the ol' metabolism so I can finish this thing.


bill said…
Yeah I hold on to the clothes but good luck with the diet.
fernvalley01 said…
well done! I am down 7 since the first of Jan, long ways yet to go
Grumpy said…
I've heard people say that dieting eventually leads to a plateau and one should then concentrate on maintaining. It could be that you are adding muscle.

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